There's A Free Version of Dead or Alive 6 Available On PS4, Xbox One and Steam

Try your luck for free with a stripped-down version of the impressive fighter

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bouzebbal2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Waiting for doa6+ before I get this..
Good for this edition to practice!!!

Sgt_Slaughter3d ago

Surprised they didn't charge for this, given how expensive their season passes are.

Teflon022d ago

It's like DOA5? Don't know how this is a surprise when they had that for it too. It's where you buy what you want to add

rainslacker2d ago

They did the core edition last gen as well. It allowed them to keep the online player base higher, promote the game, and of course, sell the DLC which was plentiful at the time.

PlatinumKing19823d ago

Nice will get this and just buy the story mode for it, as that’s all I wanted to play in it anywhere. Saves me a bit cash .

FlintGREY3d ago

There was also a free version of DOA5. Might be something they'll do from now on

Sonyslave33d ago

Yeah but that free version came out once it wasn't selling tho.

Teflon022d ago

doesn't matter when it came out. It was convenient for them to do so they're doing it now. They didn't do it day one as a ploy to get people who are buying for sure to get it then everyone else they intend to get to buy into it eventually by trying the game out

Sonyslave33d ago

Yup they know they made their $$$ from that free model selling over price dlc.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro3d ago

It was reported to be coming before the game itself even released.

TheEnigma3132d ago

yes, DOA can't compete with other fighters like SFV, Tekken 7, and GG. DOA has been getting by on perversion and not actual quality gameplay.

fsfsxii2d ago

It just shows perverted creeps aren't a good business demographic to cater to. If you mess with their 'waifu' you'll piss off a large amount of 'otakus' or whatever

dragonrage002d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Have you seen some of the costumes in SFV? Or some of the female characters in Guilty Gear or Soul Calibur?Mai has been there in KOF for how many years now? Yes, DOA goes a bit harder on perversion than most, but it gets so much shit for it when virtually every sucessfull fighting franchise does it too. Sex sells, it's that simple.

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