Yakuza Producer Comments on Judgment: Promises to "Make it Rise Again" Following Removal From Sale

Sega has been remarkably silent about its adventure game Judgment following the suspension of its sales in Japan due to the arrest of an actor following a drug bust. Yet, today, a voice was heard.

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gamingunited3d ago

This whole thing seems like a huge over reaction to me...

Nitrowolf23d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I think this is a common practice in there, much like how it’s become one here lately with sexual conduct only with drugs

One thing certain though, I bet the price of those vanilla discs are gonna sore. I assume that they’re going to re-record the dialogue just like kingdom hearts is doing

gamingunited3d ago

You can still buy the Cosby Show.

Here when a person does something dumb they are kicked off the show but the show continues and they still show/sell episodes with the character in them.

It's not the same.

plmkoh3d ago

Correct. They are attempting to rewrite the Simpsons Michael Jackson episode out of history. It has been taken off airing rotation and future media box sets will not include it.

All because of a documentary making accusations: no evidence, no court of law, no cross-examination.

rainslacker2d ago

Here in the US, they don't remove what's released from the market. They usually just fire the person involved. It's a huge hit to remove a multi-million dollar production release from market because of something like this, and people who would expect or demand it are completely unreasonable.

I can understand that sometimes the content itself may be distasteful or need to be removed due to changes in social or political when the first Tobey McGuire Spider-Man pulled the trailers and digitally removed the world trade center buildings when 9/11 happened a few weeks after the trailer released, but in this case, this was the action of an individual, and when the production wasn't complicit in his indiscretion, there is no reason to hold them accountable.

Veneno3d ago

Anyone else find it crazy that Sega makes a game that glorifies crime and those in the mafia and then all the sudden this?

Pure hypocrisy.

Chaosdreams3d ago

Well it's not hypocrisy if games don't cause a change in the behaviour of humans (which is what we all harp on and stand by, so that we don't have our content seriously watered down).

What this is, is ironic.

notachance3d ago

I see this as the Japanese fully understood that game is ultimately just a product that has no bearing on real life and it's not a representation on creator's mind and behaviour, which gives them the freedom to make whatever the f*ck they want free from the needs to pander unlike the recent trends on western games.

Razmiran2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Have you played Yakuza? Its not glorified, mostly everyone either dies or leads a miserable life. The main character is constantly trying to escape his ties to the yakuza.

Veneno2d ago


Ive played all but Yakuza 2 and dead souls and the PSP game which im currently working on acquiring.

What you said was fair enough. I will say that Sega plays both sides.

If this was a Nintendo Style family game like Sonic or something then maaaaaaybe I can understand.

But you can't make dozens of games based on the mafia and get all bent out of shape about a 💉 drug charge. It wasn't murder or sexual misconduct or other seriois charge. They can't control what their people do. The crime the voice actor committed was after the work was done. Still not the best timing, I know, but the consequence doesn't match the crime here.

Razmiran2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Im guessing if they dont they could face problems, even square enix is patching his voice out of kingdom hearts
Drugs are a weird issue in japan

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rebeljoe143d ago

It better not be cancelled or Sega is gonna get a a scathing letter from me

Kabaneri3d ago

Japan and their 1950's view on drugs....