Android and iOS Games With Xbox Achievements

Kim at GameSpew: While we can't yet earn achievements in all aspects of our lives, we can at least earn some through our phones.

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timotim824d ago

Its always funny to hear certain people say things like "Microsoft is becoming 3rd party now", because Microsoft has been releasing games on other platforms for years now. Sure, the obvious is Minecraft on pretty much every platform known to man, but even outside of that...Nintendo 3DS, PC, iOS and Android have all received games from Microsoft over the years...this is not new for them.


Oh what games have Microsoft released for IOS and Android? Real games, not solitaire or wordament.

timotim824d ago

Oh thats right...they are only counted as "real" if you personally think so or not. Games is what we are talking about...Solitary and Wordament are exactly that. Next you're going to tell me that Minecraft isn't a "real" game either, yet it is an Xbox game on both those platforms. And have you heard about a game called Gears Pop coming out this year for both those platforms as well? You do understand we are talking about mobile platforms here right? How much "real" do you expect to see on a phone or tablet? Most people play games on these devices while on the go...Minecraft, Solitary and Wordament are perfect types for that use want them to download and buy $60 AAA games like Gears 5? What's next, Halo??? Think next time dude.

The conversation is about support and Microsoft has shown they have supported multiple platforms with REAL games for years now.


It's solitaire. Ms just put their name in front. It's a fricken card game

timotim823d ago

"A fricken card game" is still a game none the less, and has full Xbox Live support and achievements. Most importantly, they are good games for that platform. You can't just dismiss a game as a game just because you're not interested in playing it...not how it works.


So can you name some games that they put on ios or android? They been doing so for years according to you. Or were just talking out your ass?

timotim823d ago

😯😯😯 are you being serious right now...