Sony Denies Reports It Plans To Buy Rockstar Parent Company

Yesterday evening, a particularly wild rumour started doing the rounds. The story went that Sony was in advanced board level discussions to acquire Take-Two Interactive, the publisher behind such juggernaut franchises as Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto, and Civilizati on.

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Apocalypse Shadow4d ago

Scared a lot of people. Not naming names.

Jin_Sakai4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

PlayStation fans will get GTA6 along with The Last of Us: Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, and Horizon: Zero Dawn 2. So nothing to worry about.

DJK1NG_Gaming3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

in what year though?
Definitely not 2019

bouzebbal3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Who is the guy who said this??
How is this news,,?

StormSnooper3d ago

Not so fast, we don’t know who started this false rumor.

Apocalypse Shadow3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Probably you. Playstation was dominating already as it is. This would have been overkill and made some individuals cry.

beulahland3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

@Apocalypse Shadow "Probably you"

Nah. Keep dreaming, kiddo. But, you know, you have the right to be a delusional! More luck next time! So frustrated after these denials, aren't you, brand-slave! You guys fall for anything. Oh, well! I guess that's life!

Apocalypse Shadow3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Um no. I stopped buying gta after trading in gta4 because Rockstar games get boring after awhile. I didn't buy red dead 2 and I'd rather 2k make football instead of turning basketball into micro transactions like EA does. Wouldn't bother me in the slightest.

But nice try kid.

cartoonx13d ago

why would it scare people who can buy just buy the console if they feel like getting the game? its not like any of you own the company of the said console so the xbox fans have no access to buy it lol. you ppl act like kids.

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NarutoFox3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I think Sony upcoming exclusives is already scaring that certain group. Not naming names.

DrumBeat3d ago

Made a lot of people look foolish. Not naming names.

Gamingsince19813d ago

Who ? All I saw in the rumour articles were peoole saying it's not gonna happen and that if Sony could afford it still probably wouldn't happen.

mandingo3d ago

Scared nobody because it couldn’t be more obviously untrue

giovanealex3d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow "Scared a lot of people. Not naming names."

You must be very naive to believe that people did actually buy that rumor.
But your comment was so childish that you must really be that naive. No, I mean, really.

Apocalypse Shadow3d ago

Someone that has to say naive multiple times actually could use better insults.

gangsta_red3d ago

Name those names Shadow, please let us know.

TheColbertinator3d ago

They are secret names just like those super secret exclusives that Sony may or may not be working on :S

Apocalypse Shadow3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

You know. You're one of them.

How's crackdown 3 working for you? You disappeared when the reviews showed up. Must be embarrassing.

Even after people were telling you it would be trash, heads like yours were still in the "clouds."

gangsta_red3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Oh, I was one of them?? Hmmmm, lets actually take a look at the article...shall we..


gangsta_red19h ago
Honestly, I don't see this being real but I definitely wouldn't dismiss this as being entirely untrue.

Thinking more about this, with MS on an aquisition spree, trying to put their service on every device seemingly going hard for next gen, Nintendo Switch being a hot mobile hybrid console device gaining a lot of ground and with Google supposedly now entering the console space, I could see a reason for Sony to aquire a developer that has some of the most popular IPs in the world and making them exclusive to PlayStation.

I mean with GTA, RDR, Sony would also have NBA 2K, imagine that and Sony's MLB series together only on PlayStation.

It would definitely be a smart business move to secure a number 1 position automatically for next gen to have a new GTA, a new NBA and anything else from this dev coming only to PlayStation.

Crackdown 3 is great, Oh no, were you one of my fans actively looking for me on N4G? Yeah, sorry I was too busy playing Crackdown (still am) while you were on here foaming at the month looking for me.
Lol, it must suck to have me drop you off at school every morning with my replies.

Apocalypse Shadow3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Now go look in those articles. Did you see my comment in either one of them? I don't jump to something unless there are facts to say it's true or untrue. I just know Nintendo fans, Xbox fans and even PC fans would cry foul if Sony were interested and accepted.

Not really. I couldn't care less you post or not. But your posts for crackdown, krib,septic, etc are now permanent history to laugh at. Been laughing at you guys all generation.

gangsta_red3d ago

"Did you see my comment in either one of them? "

Lol, Okay, but you just claimed that *I was one of them*, right? What are you going on about now Shadow, did your weak ass remark backfire and this is some repentance comment to make up for it?

"I just know Nintendo fans, Xbox fans and even PC fans..."

That's not what your OP said, you said you had names to name, so name them. Or you can sit here and celebrate hypotheticals on what would had happen like the tryhard you are.

"Not really. I couldn't care less you post or not."

That's not true at all, you just low key admitted you specifically look for me. And since you named dropped Krib and Septic (who hasn't been on in months) it only means we stay on your mind day and night. I'm actually blushing on my end knowing how much I mean to you.

That's even funnier to laugh at.

Zeref3d ago

your opinion is still wrong. It would have been a horrible business move. Why would you kill half your revenue?

NarutoFox3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

"Septic (who hasn't been on in months) "

I believe Septic has more than one account. He's still on here 😂

CoinOrc2d ago

Pretty sure septic (or whatever his name is) is still here, and Crackdowngrade 3 is still garbage.

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King_Noctis3d ago

And who thought that this could be real in the first place?

alb18993d ago

Scare of a stupid rumor.....pss!

XtaZ3d ago

Literally no one got scared and everyone was saying it's not happening and pointing out how unrealistic the acquisition was for many reasons. Multiple Sony fanboys sure prayed for it to be true though, but I can't blame them - they have been starved of industry-shaking gaming news and have been stuck in an inferior, archaic and anti-consumer ecosystem with no signs of things to shape up for the better for at least 5 years now, so any news regardless of how fake they are will spark massive excitement.

Zeref3d ago

Anybody who actually thought this was gonna happen is an idiot.
Sony could never afford Take Two.

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THC CELL4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Not a official debunk this guy could be talking crap as sony dose not comment on rumors

Gamespot ign and so on would of got debunk way before this guy tweeting

Atom6664d ago

IGN shot it yesterday. Yuji works for Bloomberg. He could be getting intentionally misled, but I doubt he'd risk just making it up.

ziggurcat4d ago

He doesn't actually show proof of the "no truth" confirmation from anyone at Sony or who even provided him with that statement because Sony generally doesn't respond to rumours. And even when they do, they generally just give the standard "we don't comment on rumours or speculation" spiel - though that in of itself can often be a confirmation that a rumour is true (for example, I seem to recall Sony saying that when they were asked about the - at the time - rumoured existence of the PS4, and then shortly afterwards they confirmed the existence of the Neo/PS4).

That being said, though, I would still consider this bit of news to be putting this rumour out to pasture because I see no reason why someone of his credibility would make something up like that.

rainslacker3d ago

Guess this journalist getting a denial is about as probable as any of the other sites getting it. Guy works for a major news outlet in Japan apparently.

I was skeptical either way, although i can think of several reasons why this denial may not be true, it's more logical that there are more reasons why the rumor itself isn't true. However, you are right, Sony isn't prone to respond to rumors, but doesn't mean that everyone in Sony holds fast to that policy. It's usually PS people that say such things, not Sony proper, and an acquisition like this would be going through Sony proper, not SIE.

Anyhow, if it is true, then we'll find out soon enough I suppose. If it isn't, we'll discuss this for a week, then it'll be forgotten just like we forgot MS was buying EA.

KTF263d ago

Take-Two will cost them more than $10B
Sony can't take the risk

THC CELL3d ago

Are u stupid they was going for fox at one point that worth loads more

vega2753d ago


Sony couldn't afford Fox. Sony is no where near what they used to be.

Wikkid6662d ago

Actually if you go by the rumor... it would have been $14.7 Billion USD.

KTF263d ago (Edited 3d ago )

and we should believe every stupid rumor on the Internet

Sony barley survived bankruptcy few years ago and they are still recovering
I'm talking about the whole enterprise not Playstation subsidiary
and you want them to take a risk cost 20% of their value

rainslacker3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

But they did survive, liquidated a lot of their assets, and are sitting on a big pile of cash they will want to use for something. You liquidate assets so you have money to do things, which in turn you hope will make you money. Buying something of worth doesn't usually take away from the company. Quite the opposite, as having so much of a potential revenue stream from the acquisition would mean they have a more valuable asset than cash, which is only good for gaining least in the stock trading world.

Not that I think the rumor is true, just that your assessment of the results isn't how business works.

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zsquaresoff4d ago

Won't make sense anyway, all their games have some sort of exclusive deal with Playstation eitherway.

isarai3d ago

would've been cool, but did sound too crazy to be true...

Buuuuut, they only mention Take Two, they don't mention R*..... hhuuuUUUH? *raises eyebrows repeatedly*

porkChop3d ago

Rockstar is the money maker for Take-Two lol, they're definitely not selling.

isarai3d ago

yeah i know, just josh'n bra

gniosdb3d ago

Don't underestimate 2k sports.earnings.

porkChop3d ago

How? Sony literally doesn't need to buy Take-Two, and it was obviously fake from the get-go. This changes nothing for PlayStation gamers.

starchild3d ago

No, exclusivity would suck more.

zypher3d ago

In fact it rocks! Means less fuel for these silly fan wars.

babadivad3d ago

Only an extreme fanboy would think so.

2pacalypsenow3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

So people who were happy when MS bough those game studios are "Extreme Fanboys" too?

This isn't any different than Nintendo or MS buying games studios.

porkChop2d ago

"This isn't any different than Nintendo or MS buying games studios."

Buying creative devs that were struggling and at risk of closure is not the same as buying one of the biggest publishers in the industry and making their multiplat mega-franchises exclusive.

2pacalypsenow2d ago

How do? Do they both both benefit the company that is buying them.

The only difference here is your perception of each company.

Sony buying Take2 would be a great move for them.

porkChop2d ago

"The only difference here is your perception of each company."

Not at all true. If a creative dev is struggling and at risk of closing I absolutely support someone buying them to give them the stability they need. Be it Sony, Microsoft, or whoever else.

My point is Take-Two isn't struggling. They're massive, and they're doing very well financially. They don't need a buyout. To buy them and make them exclusive to one platform would be a disservice to gamers around the world.

If Take-Two was at risk of closing? Fine. Of course it's better they go exclusive rather than go bankrupt, but that is not at all the case here.

So, again, Microsoft buying struggling devs and Sony buying a massive, healthy publisher are not at all the same thing.

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