Darkstation: SOCOM Confrontation Review

Sadly SOCOM Confrontation is a disappointment given the fact that it feels like an unfinished and rushed game. The gameplay is generally solid, but also unchanged from previous installments, but server issues have held it back from being playable for the most part. Most of what was promised before launch (trophies, party system, ranks, even stats and clans) is missing, and will have to be included in a patch after launch. Sony seems to have chalked this up as a disappointment, thus the lack of support of the title.

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badz1494033d ago

and reviewers have rights to give it low scores! but as for me, I'm having a blast with it and I totally LOVE it! the rooms are always full, hell even the Japanese rooms are full! I can't divide my time between SOCOM and Warhawk anymore! both are GREAT and addictive! plus...the BT headset is super awesome!