Fortnite Players On Switch Will No Longer Be Matched With Xbox One And PS4 Cross-Play Parties

Cross-play being removed to eliminate advantages due to better performance.

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crazyCoconuts1657d ago

After all that fuss, reality sets in...

Eonjay1657d ago

Epic made the decision because it disadvantaged Switch players but I wonder who had the advantage now in mobile: Switch or touch input.

Fluttershy771657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

I would think it disadvantaged both sides, because of the hardware capabilities of the Switch of course, but also the console's internet service. I don't play this but I would expect some lag (and lag diminish the experience both sides).
This is like a huge hit for Crossplay with the Switch in my opinion, because if Epic/Fortnite (probably one of the most popular games right now and one of the richest devs) cannot make it work, what's left for the rest?

TK-661657d ago

"Epic made the decision because it disadvantaged Switch players but I wonder who had the advantage now in mobile: Switch or touch input."

it's easier for many to try and use this as a "see cross-play bad" when the reality is that the game has a bug that disadvantages weaker hardware which by the sounds of it would also affect PC and mobile players. Perhaps people should be looking at Epic for having a balance breaking bug rather than trying to make this about crossplay.

UltraNova1657d ago

Xplay should have never been a thing, unless full parity in performance, controls and gameplay is guaranteed between all targeted platforms.

naruga1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Crossplay ....what a BS thing from the start ...Sony knew about it but still thousand of wannabe "named" gamers (probably people who never touched seriously a gamepad)wanted or cried for the opposite ....i want to see their cries now after their so beloved Nntnedo departs from the "MS -created" mockery called crossplay

GTgamer1657d ago

We tried to get Shawn layden to comment on how he feels about this news and this was all we got https://youtu.be/bj63nhV3Vu...

gangsta_red1657d ago

"Sony knew about it but still thousand of wannabe "named" gamers"

Sony knew it eh? LMFAO, wow, the absolute delusional fanboys.

Funny that theirs still crossplay between Xbox and PS4, something Sony didn't want either.

""MS -created" mockery called crossplay"

Quick, let's find a way to blame MS!!

1657d ago
gangsta_red1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )


Quick, let's be as ignorant as humanly possible and not use one ounce of thought and just blame MS!

"This means Switch players will automatically matchmake with mobile players and other Switch players. However, it doesn't mean Switch players can no longer play with PS4 and Xbox One folks. To do so, they'll just need to party up, similar to the way mobile and PC players will only play with each other if they're in a cross-play party."


Too funny

Codewow1656d ago

You can use controllers on mobile.

Name Last Name1656d ago

I can't believe the amount of hurt people still have because Sony allowed crossplay lmao!

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Jin_Sakai1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

“Cross-play being removed to eliminate advantages due to better performance.“

Everyone should’ve seen this coming. Cross-play is overhyped and only a select minority care about it. Sony should’ve never have allowed it.

PoopsMcGee1657d ago

Hopefully, Rocket League will be next.

ExplodingJuice1656d ago

I agree. Crossplay is just what people latch on to because of stupidity.

SuperSonic911656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

This fiasco just accentuate how weak and disadvantaged the Switch platform is.
Heck even on mobile Fortnite does 60fps!
Its good that MS had to drag Nintendo through all of this PR BS - both got exposed in broad daylight!

Dang! PS4 is just untouchable.

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StormSnooper1657d ago

It was a PR ploy. Now reality sets in.

1657d ago
Silly Mammo1657d ago

Should we add crossplay to the growing list of MS broken promises?

RacerX1656d ago

@gamingunited and @silly, X1X has the best performance of all available consoles. How would MS take any blame for Nintendo's weak console?

EddieNX 1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Just to clarify, Switch users CAN still play with people on Xbox one and PS4.

Swith players are not only up against mobile players but also fellow Switch players and the same goes for mobile players.

Plus, the pool is only going to be Switch users vs. mobile users if it’s a solo. If you join someone on PS4, XBox, and PC, and you’re a Switch player, you’ll be included in that pool.

TheUndertaker851656d ago

This is true and confirmed by Epic Games. Players on any platform will still be able to group up and play together if they do wish. When randomly searching for a match Switch players will no longer be pooled with PS4 or Xbox One.

Kumakai1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Yeah. That the switch is a POS and ps4 Xbox and pc players still cross play...

Vizigoth041657d ago

Right? Like people didn't put actual thought into this other than "Oh but it's what the media says the players want, it'll be consumer friendly." Come on Sony. Come one. Budge a little.

trooper_1657d ago

Well, well, well, Sony was smart not to waste valuable resources on crossplay after all.

Where o where are those so-called gamers clamoring for this?

1656d ago
Kiwi661656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

So what is the excuse for Sony having crossplay last/this gen then if its a waste of resources

Zeref1656d ago

dude, you can still play with your friends on PS4 and Xbox One. When you're alone it puts you against mobile and other switch users. And when you're in a party with PS4 and Xbox players you will be put in the console pool.

It's not removing crossplay. It's just changing the matchmaking a little bit.

Zeref1656d ago

you can still play with your friends on PS4 and Xbox...

TheUndertaker851656d ago

Yes, it has been confirmed by Epic Games. Crossplay is not being removed. Pooling however is changing.

TheUndertaker851656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

“There was some confusion earlier about whether this meant that Switch owners would be able to play with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners. Epic Games reached out to confirm that this was indeed the case, but the pooling changes would result "an on-average better per-game experience" for both mobile and Switch players.”

I like made up reality too /s

Zeref1656d ago

PS fanboys are so quick to justify sony's anti consumer actions.

EddieNX 1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )


They've finaly exposed themselves as the laughing stock of the gaming comminity.

The most Immature ,.entitled bunch on N4G.