1UP: Valkyria Chronicles Review

1UP writes: "Like most of you, I wear my socks firmly ensconced within a pair of sneakers, which are themselves strapped tightly to my feet with strong, cordlike shoelaces. Imagine my disappointment in my footwear-securing preparations, then, when Valkyria Chronicles knocked those same socks clean off my feet. This is, without question, the best tactics game on the PS3 -- and it's one of the best games on PS3, period."

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PirateThom4038d ago

Funny, because it's meta score is higher than all those 360 JRPGs.

Lanoire4038d ago

And then comes the first true exclusive RPG on the PS3 and it outscores all other 3rd60 RPG.


Have fun with your infinite floppery. Im going to play Valkyria, xbot biatches.

Your days of doom has begun.

ultimolu4038d ago

...Patchbox 360 and Failble.
Seriously, you guys get patches on your games too so grow up?

And I am picking up this game most definitely.

Lol, nice owning there Thom.

Slick3484037d ago

lol everywhere i click lobster tries to diss about loser.

This game is going to be real good. Its fun i've played it. And its overall average for ratings so far is pretty good.

Since 360 use to be at the top (since it came out first) the 360fans are getting scared and are trying to do....god knows what there trying to do..wtv it is its a FAIL.

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Rikitatsu4038d ago

"This is, without question, the best tactics game on the PS3 -- and it's one of the best games on PS3, period."

What are you waiting for people? Go pick this up

Cartesian3D4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

rather than massive mediocre or decent ones.. because the price is 60 bucks (and about 80 bucks over here) and I cant afford all of them...

this game and White knight chronicles will rock ! who said PS3 has no RPG! :)

EDIT: btw as a Warcraft III fan, I LOVE strategic RPGs.. :) Im happy I will get one on PS3 too..

Lanoire4038d ago

Its a must own title.

Enough said.

Sarcasm4038d ago


Warcraft and Starcraft "FTW"

WoW, don't know about that one.

SaiyanFury4038d ago

This has been a planned day one purchase for me. It's coming the same day as Resistance 2 and I put my down payment on both. I absolutely adored the demo on the PSN and have been completely sold since even before I played it. Truly a unique and amazing game only available on PS3. The combat engine is so refined and on top of that, the graphics are breathtaking. On top of THAT the music is composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto of Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII fame. Those games have some of the best music ever heard in games. In short, if you're a lover of Japanese RPGs and you own a PS3, then you owe it to yourself to buy it.

Homicide4037d ago

The game is not out yet, here at least. Can't wait to pick this up. Nice to see the game getting great reviews without any hype surrounding it.

sonarus4037d ago

Ps3 is the home for high quality JRPG's

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morganfell4038d ago

I would pick it up but it isn't out yet. I do have it preordered and paid though.

That is 3 more titles to pick up next week. Valkyria Chronicles. Resistance 2, and Quantum of Solace.

Master and Commander4038d ago

Forget Quantum of Solace. All games based on movies suck.

morganfell4037d ago

No thanks. I played the demo and there is enough there to like.

name4038d ago

I bet a friend of mine a while ago that this game would average at least in the 8 range and he bet that it wouldn't. Now it's ranging in AAA status ^_^ 20 dollars ftw

solideagle14038d ago

so AAA confirmed? the kids still count how many u have and how many i have....hahaha

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