Game Reactor: Valkyrie Chronicles Review

Besides the extremely flimsy graphics and a somewhat uneven difficulty Valkyrie Chronicles is an excellent strategy game. Inspiration from the team's previous games Skies of Arcadia and Sakura Wars is clearly visible and if you have any orientation to the anime, you will like all the characters. It has high tempo, a satisfactory battle system and enough side quests to hold approximately thirty hours of gameplay. Game Reactor is impressed and thrilled and can not wait for a follow-up.

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GiantEnemyLobster4028d ago

Thats not AAA. Thats why this title wasn't good enough for Xbox 360.

Tacki4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

First of all, I do realize you're a troll and this is 'what you do'... but do you understand what you're saying, Mr. Lobster? I wonder if you know that Gamereactor Sweden (who did this review) also gave Fable II an 8. If you're going to put so much stock in reviews you should probably do a wee bit of research first. Otherwise you could end up dissing your own games.

And what is AAA? I know it's a type of battery but beyond that I don't think there's an established definition. Therefore the criteria for AAA status is dependant solely upon an individual's point of view. What makes a title AAA? Metacritic score? Sales? Hype? You'll get many different answers depending on who you ask. That's why I think it's a rather silly, arbitrary method of branding 'quality'.

This is the open zone though. I have no idea why I'm even bothering to reason.

truehunter4028d ago

Tacki u are rite. AAA are usely high rate with multi million buget. Look at FFXIII Gears 2 or fallout 3 thats pretty much AAA games. Alot of fanbase take AAA the wrong way as a console wars.