GRTV: Fallout 3 Review

Bethesda's sequel to infamous Fallout games of the 90's has arrived. There's a lot of anticipation surrounding the game, and now the question remains: Is it just Oblivion with guns, or does hit has something unqiue to offer? Jon Cato answers this, and more, in this video review of Fallout 3. Duck and cover!

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xaphanze4036d ago

7?That's a little harsh.

Deviant4036d ago

not if u consider all the bugs

xaphanze4036d ago

Oblivion was full of bugs and it was one of the best games I've played. Some bugs can be fixed with patches no big deal.

Deviant4036d ago

it wasn't ready to be released many bugs are just game breaking

bohemian 234036d ago

I think the game is awesome but it's froze on me twice. I also got stuck between some rocks one time but that happened in Oblivion as well.

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