GamingRing: Resistance 2 Beta Impressions

Resistance 2 continues mankind's struggle in another part of the world, the (continental) United States of America, and it's an even larger scale invasion than before. The sequel will also continue the tremendous support for multiplayer, featuring lots of new modes where up to 60 players can compete. If you want a little help in the game's story mode, you can play the co-op mode where up to 8 can join in and use teamwork to finish the fight.

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360degrees4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

But having completed the original iteration of Resistance, the game left me with an overwhelmingly empty experience as I just made zero connection with the lead character Nathan Hale, and as we all know memorable characters can make or break a game, and are the ones that easily stick with you long after the game has been completed such as Mario, Mega Man, Master Chief, etc, and said character of Nathan Hale was about as average as could be, so I say no thank you to Resistance 2, I suppose I will wait next year for the (unproven by the first iteration) Killzone 2 (simply for graphic "Whore" Purposes)...Heres to High Gaming Hopes

xunderx4030d ago

the other game using UE3.5 has an amazing story.

lucky thats only your opinion, so well take for whats its worth. close to nothing.<-----my opinion of yours. Go finish the fight again and again and again etc......