5 Games That Would Have Been Totally Different if They'd Stuck to Their Original Pitch

Sometimes, games change drastically between their initial pitch and the version players get their hands on. Such was the case with these five games that would have been totally different if they'd stuck to their original pitch.

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Potnoodle999958d ago (Edited 958d ago )


Daeloki958d ago

Oh hell no, Borderlands is perfect the way it is, that gritty/serious vibe would have killed the game

Father__Merrin958d ago

if this game had the ff13 battle system it would have been a joy to play. it just doesnt seem like a ff game to me

AK91958d ago

Twinfinite you come with some pretty cool lists but the fact that they're multi page kills it.

Fist4achin958d ago

I was happy with how Prey turned out, but there was a reveal for Prey 2 and it looked awesome. They should still develop that concept into a stand alone game.