1UP: Eternal Sonata Review

It's a bit of a funny coincidence that the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata releases at a strangely parallel time in its given console's life cycle as last year's Xbox 360 incarnation. One year ago, 360 owners lamented the lack of quality traditional Japanese role-playing games; tri-Crescendo's candy-coated action-RPG came along at just the right moment in time to garner bizarrely generous review scores and convince misguided console fanboys that this was the Great Japanese Hope that they'd been waiting for. And, interestingly enough, it's happening again in 2008.

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sinncross4034d ago

While the scores are the same, getting that score now is actually better. A whole year has gone, titles have developed and as such the bar gets raised. If it were not for the extra content this would have scored badly.

WIIIS14034d ago

Not really when u consider that PS3 is still lacking in jrpgs.