Zelda: Breath of the Wild mod removes the cel-shading look

Nintendo Everything writes: "Have you ever wanted to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild without the cel-shading look? While that isn’t possible under normal circumstances, one modder has made it possible. YouTuber Arkh Longstride has modded Breath of the Wild on PC with graphical tweaks and optimizations that spiff up the performance."

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Jin_Sakai597d ago

As much as I want to like it I just can’t. The cel-shaded look is what gives Breath of the Wild it’s charm. The art style is great the way it is.

SuperSonic91596d ago

They used the cel shaded approach coz its the easiest, cheapest, cost effective and least graphics intensive style for an open world design and for a weak hardware like the Switch.

Ask smaller developers like Atlus for this matter with Persona 5 or Level 5 with Ni No Kuni whose el shaded games wipes the floor with BOTW any day.

BOTW looks like the 18 year old game for Dreamcast Jet Set Radio only with lots of fog effect to hide the poor draw distance of the game.
Nintendo is all about the money now. They are not trying anymore.
More money for less investment. Shrewed yes but they wont get my business. I want more value with my $60 with games like the Witcher 3, RDR2 and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Pennywise138596d ago

Why is almost everything you post idiotic? If your gonna constantly troll you should at least be good at it.

SuperSonic91596d ago (Edited 596d ago )

@ pennyless138
Please enjoy your outdated, underpowered, overrated, overhyped & highly overpriced Nintendo games by all means.

Harkins1721596d ago

Games use different styles. Thats why Wind Waker is ageless. Not every game has to be like Horizon or Red Dead. Graphics can take up a long time. Thats why you have Horizon and Read Dead 2 taking 7 years to make.

King_Noctis596d ago

As always you have no idea what you are talking about.

StonieWylder596d ago

I like how everytime someone says something against a comment like this, the original poster always goes for:
"Please enjoy your outdated, underpowered, overrated, overhyped & highly overpriced Nintendo games by all means."

I mean clearly people are enjoying it it regardless considering how well it's sold and how much praise it gets lol

abstractel596d ago

It is simply true, that the best option for Switch is to make the graphics stylized. It's the only way not to make games look dated. Doesn't mean you can't love your Switch, but personally I would have much preferred Zelda on a PS4/XB1. The game felt barren to me. For my money Nintendo's incredible dev teams could do so much more on powerful hardware.

But the Switch sells. As long as it has a market they'll continue their path of lower powered consoles that they make a profit right from the start. I'm very thankful Sony didn't go down that road.

I would also bet that Switch sales will slow down dramatically once next-gen is out.

AnthonyDavis596d ago

Thank you sonic. Although you exaggerate somethings, the Nintendo fans deserve it!

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S2Killinit596d ago

Yes. I think Botw is perfect the way it is. The way it looks actually adds to the zelda charm (For lack if a better word).

MoshA596d ago

But it's not overrated. That's why God of War won GOTY not Red Dead 2.

Nitrowolf2596d ago (Edited 596d ago )

Realism is not why God of War won

In fact RDR2 is more realistic (in terms of setting), I don’t know what this comment is even trying to prove

Fluttershy77596d ago (Edited 596d ago )

I disagree, the style of God of War isn't realistic

monkey602596d ago

Try reading it again lads. MoshA says Red Dead didn't win for it realism God of War got it instead and therefore Realism is "Not overrated"

Segata596d ago

How is a grey-skinned demi-god killing mythical creatures with a magic ax while talking to a 10,000-foot burping snake realistic in any way?

King_Noctis596d ago

On the topic of realism, you do know that RDR2 is way more realistic than GoW right?

dragon_rocks596d ago


Its not. That is what Mosha is saying. If realism was overrated then realistic RDR2 would have won GOTY and not an unrealistic GoW.

596d ago
IcedOmega13596d ago

God of War is about as realistic as Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory

CorndogBurglar595d ago

Jesus people. Read his comment again. He's saying realism is NOT overrated because if it was then RDR2 would have won, not God of War.

wonderfulmonkeyman594d ago (Edited 594d ago )

Try telling me it would have won over RDR2 if Kratos looked far more cell-shaded.
Say it with a straight face, like you actually believe people who only own a PS4, who have been making a huge deal over big-production-value graphical realism for ages, would have still voted it above RDR2 despite not using realism in its looks, if it abandoned realism to that extent and really went high-fantasy with its graphics.
If anyone here, not just you, can honestly say that, then either you've got supreme acting skills, or I've got a bridge down in Florida to sell you, because I'm firmly convinced you'll buy anything.

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Blu3_Berry596d ago

I can see why Nintendo always goes with a more artistic design because this looks very dull and lifeless without the cel-shaded graphics. But at the same time, imagine if it did take a more realism approach like Witcher 3 or Horizon Zero Dawn because they have a ton of color and are utterly gorgeous. I can only imagine what BOTW would look like if it took that approach.

I think the main takeaway here is that Nintendo prefers cartoony artstyle so it that can hold up graphically for a long time whereas realism tends to look dated overtime. I do wish Nintendo would take more risks with the realistic graphics though as in my opinion it doesn't hurt for them to do it once in a while (which they never do). Another limiting factor is the hardware itself, as I'm not sure if it can handle graphics like Witcher 3 and Horizon Zero Dawn does since it is considered weaker compared to the other consoles.

Remember that Zelda WiiU demo, man I really wish we got a zelda game that looked exactly like that. That was so beautiful with the way how the lighting worked in it.

scorpio_2049596d ago

I agree with your point about the Zelda Wii U demo. I also wish for the needle to move a little more towards realism and away from cartoony. I understand Nintendo not moving Zelda toward realism because ultimately you’d have photorealistic characters and that’s not their style.

But ultimately I enjoy any Zelda game regardless of the graphics. What means more to me are true dungeons with varying themes, diverse enemies(not the same enemy only harder and a different color) and more side quests that have weight to them. BOTW was lacking in all of those. An amazing game and a blast to play, but it didn’t scratch my Zelda itch.

I fluctuate between OOT and MM being my favorite. OOT set the standard and MM really perfected what OOT pioneered. So I really want a game that’s as dark and ominous as MM with great dungeons, enemies and side quests.

Segata596d ago

Zelda TP looked good for its time but aged like crap. It was the Mature looking Zelda people begged for and you know what? The one people liked to poo on when originally shown has aged better in Wind Waker. Realism in games age faster.

EddieNX 596d ago

Just leave Nintendo to do what they do. They are in a class all of their own.

EddieNX 596d ago

Nintendo is 100% definitely the best developers of video games of all time.

Question is, how upsetting do you find this?

Dragonscale596d ago

Someone forgot the imo lol.

594d ago
Fluttershy77596d ago

I don't like this. The cel shaded look of BOW is awesome, the only thing I don't like about the game graphically is a certain "fogginess", its a bit shocking the first few minutes, but then you get loss in the game and you forgot about it

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