The *Definitive* Ranking of Each Pokemon Starter Trio

Let's argue about this until we are blue in the face!

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761d ago
mattkelly1991761d ago

Gen 1 will always be the best to me.

Wolffenblitz761d ago

Yup, same. I wonder if this has something to do with when you entered the franchise..

mattkelly1991760d ago

I am sure that is why. Nostalgia hits me hard with this series.

Batchild27754d ago

same here. Gen 1 is special.

Movefasta1993761d ago

Gen 4 starters look terrible. Gen 1 and 2 have the best looking starters.

patrick1761d ago (Edited 761d ago )

Yeah, sounds about right but I disagree on Johto. Typlosion was good the the others were okay. Unova was the worst by far.

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