16 Best Sci Fi RPGs that Will Blow Your Mind

Browse this list of the best Sci-Fi RPGs of all time. From mainstream titles to niche isometric RPGs, all candidates were taken into consideration.

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shinoff2183834d ago (Edited 834d ago )

Horizon zero dawn at 14 wow. Should've been way higher in my opinion.

fiveby9833d ago

I'd also say Nier Automata should be higher. But at least it's on the list. Nier is a great game. Really mixes up the gameplay and the story is good. And of course 2B.

william_cade833d ago

New Vegas should have been a lot closer to #1

Movefasta1993833d ago

mass effect 2 and new vegas at the top for me.

baabuska832d ago

Mass Effect is #2 for me, but I'm slightly biased towards that game xD

Cavalier833d ago

We need more sci-fi rpgs