Turn 10 Shifting Work on Next Forza Motorsport, Will Include Public in the Concept Phase This Time

Turn 10 Creative Director said the studio is now shifting weight to work on the next Forza Motorsport project and for the first time, they intend to involve fans from the concept phase.

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KaiPow927d ago

I really want them to bring the Horizon festival to Japan

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timotim926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

They really need to double down on the sim aspect of the sport. The stat tracking, the personalities and figures that run the league and the fictional racers that make it popular, hiring pit crews and key personnel that give my team a boost on race day. The presentation really needs to mimic that of real racing that one would watch on TV. I want to be in full control over my racer...not just in terms of gear, but what he/she looks and behaves like. I want hall of fame records by fictional racers that I can then break. I want a NFL2K5 "Cribs" like space that players can deck out with trophies they won...put up posters on walls of pictures they taken or replays of races we've saved. I want seasons like FH4 where races would be marked on the calendar and depending on what time of year it is and where the race takes place geographically, the weather will act accordingly. I want to see fictional racers get injured due to events that have taken place on the track...even miss races due to these injuries. I want to get indorsement deal offers from real brands (even some made up ones) because of my play on track. I want announcers added that talk about interesting things during the races.

TK-66926d ago

You say that but I personally think it would be badass to have a Horizon race with a dragon XD

King_Noctis926d ago

Who knows, maybe we’ll see a FH crossover with Skyrim somedays.

gangsta_red926d ago

I would play a Forza game with Dragons

MisterLou926d ago

In other news, the sky is blue and the grass is green!

NLink0714926d ago

I always did wonder what would happen if Turn 10...for one release...didn’t make a forza game. Want to see what else their impressive talents are capable of? Especially now with the horizon guys in tow and building up with horizon 4. I’m sure the series could take a break too

King_Noctis926d ago

This is just like asking Polyphony Digital to stop making GT games, which you know, will never ever happen. These studios were created to make these specific games.

Gibreel87926d ago

Polyphony made Motor toon grand prix before they even made the 1st GT and made Tourist tophy and omega boost after they made GT... So, no Poly wasnt created to make GT because their 1st, 2 games weren't even GT related.

King_Noctis926d ago


That is correct. But what I’m saying is lately Polyphony hasn’t made anything beside GT game.

Atom666926d ago

I would like to see them assist another studio like they did with Playground in the Horizon games.

A third franchise (preferably not named Forza) that is purely arcade would do well to round out the racing genre on Xbox. I still think a cart racer with Turn 10 assisting Rare would be fun. Or pick up the ball dropped by NFS.

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The story is too old to be commented.