Arland's adventurer and apprentice - Atelier Totori vs. Atelier Meruru

"Gust's Atelier series offers plenty of lighthearted fun so let's see whether Totori or Meruru has the more worthwhile adventure." - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums

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VideoChums353d ago

Make sure to vote for your favourite at the bottom of the article! :D

rainslacker352d ago

Rorona is, and always will be my favorite. She's just too adorable.

Her game was great, but others have been better. I just like the character the most. One thing they got right in her game though was the pacing of the time aspect. Gave plenty of time without wasting too much here or there like all the other games seemed to do.

Reibooi352d ago

I enjoyed the story for Totori more but had more fun overall with Meruru. Love them both though.

TheColbertinator352d ago

Meruru was better. Kingdom building was a nice push for the series

Teflon02352d ago

I prefer Totori I was a bit boring and the only one that didn't hook me out of the 3 Plus versions I played though Totori was really rough on new players unlike Meruru