PlayStation Store Flash Sale Is Live for March 8, Here Are the List of Games

There's a PlayStation Store flash sale happening now! Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, We Happy Few and lots more are on sale!

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Visceral89875d ago

I don't think there was ever a flash sale I was excited about.

deafdani875d ago

There were a few I was excited about, but that was eons ago back in the PS3 days. Back then there were some pretty good deals.

PoSTedUP875d ago

agreed. ps3/vita had great flash sales back in the day.

SegaSaturn669874d ago

It has divinity 1 for dirt cheap. I'd grab that if you like diablo type games.

Si-Fly874d ago

Divinity really isn’t much like Diablo to play.

CorndogBurglar874d ago

Divinity is nothing like Diablo. More like Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale.

rainslacker874d ago

Never been excited for the overall sale, but I've gotten a few good games here or there pretty cheap.

sprinterboy874d ago

I've just got £190 worth of games for £64 happy days

CorndogBurglar874d ago

Well that's a bit crazy. They may not all be great, but there are usually one or two gems that are super cheap.

noob_zero874d ago

Lmao same here. With each flash sale i maybe see 1 or 2 games that i want. Maybe.

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theshredded875d ago (Edited 875d ago )

First time I see rev 2 and not sign or rev 1 for sale

Italiano1234567875d ago

I love a good flash sale but this one might be the worst one yet.

FallenAngel1984875d ago

Mediocre selection of games in this sale

william_cade875d ago

GaaS games on sale is... I do want to play Divinity 2

ShinRon874d ago

the best rpg on ps4 imo

SegaSaturn669874d ago

Too expensive for me still.

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