5 Of The Worst Games In 2018

KeenGamer: ''Check out my Top 5 Worst Games of 2018. Some of the duds and deuces that were left in the ceramic throne over the course of 2018 can be found here. If you want to know what games truly bombed last year, check out my article!''

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TheEnigma3131664d ago

I haven't heard of any of these besides fallout.

SegaGamer1664d ago

Have you been living under a rock?

sprinterboy1664d ago

I take it gaming isn't your 1st hobby lol.

TheEnigma3131661d ago

no it isn't. I have more productive things to do with my life.

guyjean1664d ago

Articles having "top" and superlatives in their titles aren't worth reading.

bacrec11664d ago

Watch Let's Plays of The Quiet Man for laughs. It's this generation's Rogue Warrior.


Fallout 76 Cancellation Floated by Xbox Boss Phil Spencer

A newly uncovered court document has revealed that Xbox boss Phil Spencer considered shutting Fallout 76 down after its negative reception.

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XiNatsuDragnel5d ago

They should tbh save resources and money imo.

anal_vegan_moans2d ago

idk, seems to have an ok player base as it cracks the steam top 100 player count once in a while

XiNatsuDragnel2d ago

Yeah but overall it isn't worth it tho

-Foxtrot4d ago

Probably will have to agree with Phil on this one, it should have been cancelled. They could have done a single player Fallout spin off game instead.

Concertoine3d ago

But Phil only floated “cancelling” it after it came out.

Considering the game got years of support after this, it was probably financially successful. Even if it represents everything i hate about modern gaming

-Foxtrot3d ago

My point is if he did it as soon as he could, then they'd never know about the sad "success" and he'd have never known to then keep it going. He'd have hopefully tried to find another way to get Fallout out sooner because now with the long wait until Fallout 5, as Bethesda are being stubborn arseholes by having it where only THEY will make a new game, they'll just support 76 instead and that will be our Fallout game until then...and what's that? After Elder Scrolls VI...so probably 2030 at the earliest before Fallout 5.

Crows903d ago

Im confused. The game was released before the acquisition. MS had no say.

Zeref3d ago

They're talking about stopping updates and shutting down the servers

purple1013d ago

Anyone remember Biden vs trump in the debates..

Biden "I'm going to shut it down"
Trump "il m going to shut YOU down"

Funniest thing I ever seen

tagzskie3d ago

I also agree with this move, but i feel sorry to the people who bought the game. Support the game as you can because theres people still playing and loyal to the game. I imagine if i were in their shoe im gonna be piss off.