Epic Cracks Down

Epic makes a statement about the leaderboards for Gears of War 2, and how they plan on making the playing field even for all come launch day.

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4268d ago
FBl4268d ago

It sounds like Epic are upset about the inferior Online infrastructure that is Xbox Live

badkolo4268d ago

let me guess lbp isnt selling well and now its time to bash gears2, either way im sure it will sell alot more then lbp andresistance combined

outlawlife4268d ago

doesn't matter because somebody will find a way to cheat their way to the top of leaderboards anyway

its like on COD4 where you look at the top leaders boards and view the gamercard people are selling leaderboard spots

i'm not sure who is more pitiful, the person cheating the scores or the person actually buying an account for leaderboard space

for this reason i pay no real mind to leaderboards anymore

I actually contribute the advent of the online leaderboard to the downfall of truly quality online racing games, somebody is always out there to cheat and once a glitch/exploit is found it spreads like wild fire(pgr4, and forza both suffered from this)

the last truly enjoyable online racing experience i had was motor city online, that was truly a great game witha very innovative way of taking on the racing genre, unfortunately it wasn't accepted by the masses and didn't last long

I actually hope that someday somebody will revive the franchise, or the idea

another instance is the cod:waw beta, i was fortunate enough to be in the first batch of beta invites and people were cheating/glitching on there within hours of the beta opening

it will only get worse i'm sure and it is the only real negative to competitive online gaming, some people are just out to ruin the experience, or they are chasing some phantom glory or recognition

perhaps it is the king of kong complex or something, some people just can handle people being better than they are and will stop at nothing to satisfy their own ego

stickskills4268d ago

This, is an epic comment. Glad to see that people still know how to display a well thought out point with facts!

FantasyStar4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

Meh, methinks that people are just that "stupid". They think that big numbers will get them somewhere. However I do see it as unfair for those that got their games fairly and now they're being punished out of "fairness" for all. If you work at a Gamestop and had early access to the game, you have every right to take advantage of your position.

What I would've done is that I would've kept the leaderboards as-is, but give all newcomers sign-in on Nov. 9th 3x Multipliers for scoring for about 1 week to even things out.

midnightninjas4268d ago

Well I use to cheat a lot on playstation, nintendo etc the older consults but hey that gets kinda old just like me. Everyone did it at some point in their gamers lives and some still do cause they know they dont have the actual skill to win far and square. But I am glad that the people that got the game early by having to steal from the factory that make the games in mass production. This is not to the gamer that test the game cause they get paid to play. Serves them right that all that so called hard work to get to the top are now going to be with the rest of the world at the bottem ha ha. I have seen a lot of moders on GOW and I know their will be a lot on number 2. If and when companys can stop moders then those moders will get pwned and then they will finally reallise they have no gamers skill at all. Also I have seen good even great players on their that get owned by some moder and then they go down in the ranking system cause some spoiled little kid that cant take loosing has to cheat to win then they wonder why they have no friends. So to all you moders and cheaters get some real skill and come face the real players out thier and you will get PWNED! Thank You if you dont like me then poof i am gone but next thing you know i am right behind you chainsawing you haha.

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