Hennig: "Things are clearly not working the way they used to"

Uncharted creative director says mass layoffs a red flag that AAA development must change, shift to outsourcing "feels inevitable".

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-Foxtrot1955d ago

" In fact, she may never return to that scale of game development again"

That's awful to hear, her talents will be wasted.

annoyedgamer1955d ago

They can still be done with less money. New technologies and engines like Unity are free to use. Big dog publishers should not be needed to make games that aren't sidescrollers. She should commandeer a startup that uses Unity or Cryengine and start making a game.

Twignberries1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Not entirely accurate. Technologies like Unity and such, are only free until you're making money off what you've created from it. How else do you think company's like this make their money?

annoyedgamer1955d ago


So what is the issue? The upfront cost is one less barrier for a company with limited funds to start making a game.

Jin_Sakai1955d ago

“Games need to be $70 $80”

No they don’t. Take most of Sony exclusives for example, they are made on moderate budgets and usually make the cost of development back within a very short period of time. If you make great games you’ll be fine.

Emme1955d ago

Writing is not the same as making a game.

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Knushwood Butt1955d ago

It's the same as everything else; trying to maximise utilization of your resources on something that is seen to be a high level goal.

madpuppy1954d ago

AnthonyDavis "Games need to be $70 $80"

Your out of your mind, That pricing will kill the industry, The 60.00 dollar retail price isn't something that the industry just pulled out of a hat! There is market research done by every publisher , developer and console maker that came to that number. that is as much as you will be able to initially squeeze out of the average gaming consumer before they just wont purchase your game (with a few exceptions). or wait for a deep discount.

Personally, I almost NEVER pay full retail for a game if I can avoid it, because i'm a consumer first. as for the poor, underpaid developers and publishers...Profits from the gaming industry are more than the Movie and music industry COMBINED. don't fall for these whiners that cry poor, at the same time earn 6 plus figure salaries. I know that their are exceptions,and that is the fault of greedy publishers/developers not paying their devs right, not from a lack of money.

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CyrusLemont1955d ago

I don't know if it's possible, but could these highly experienced devs just churn out some cheap F2P micro-transaction filled mobile titles to help fund their AAA titles? These mobile games these days make $$$, and the passion from people like Hennig has me convinced they could make them, and not be corrupted by its income.

sprinterboy1955d ago

I somewhat agree, I hate mobile games and never play them but I see where your coming from.

ninsigma1955d ago

I don't understand why they don't just do that. If they take out MTs from their AAA games so that gamers will be happy and will get more people on board your game and then make mobile games with MTs to get your extra income. Maybe that's not sustainable, I don't know.

Old McGroin1955d ago

"don't know if it's possible, but could these highly experienced devs just churn out some cheap F2P micro-transaction filled mobile titles to help fund their AAA titles?"

Good idea but look at the back lash Diablo Immortals caused. They could risk losing a portion of their audience this way.

No Way1954d ago

Because everyone complains when a company announces a mobile game. Just look at Blizzard and Diablo.

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MoshA1955d ago

Neil Druckmann took over and infested future Naughty dog games with SJW propaganda. You will soon watch them die like Bioware did.

coolbeans1955d ago

Do you mean creatively or financially? In either case: lol yeah right.

Nevermind the $$$ ND's raked up from TLOU (Tremendous New IP success) and Uncharted 4's phenomenal sales. Some of ND's most thematically interesting work has come out since then too.

Teflon021955d ago

I love that anything a company does thesse days has to be sjw pandering...

DoubleYourDose1955d ago

SJW, SJW, SJW! The world you live in must scare the hell out of you.

Zeref1955d ago

White males are so uncomfortable seeing females and minorities in lead roles.

shinoff21831955d ago

Please they will still make some of the best games available,

opc1955d ago

This guy apparently likes social injustices.

JackBNimble1955d ago

That's a lie , white males are not the worlds problem.
But I am sure if a white Male said what you just said about any other race , there would an up roar .

Thanks for the racial slur.... people like you are the problem.

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nucky641954d ago

mosha - if ND is even showing signs of "dying" - they sure are hiding it well. LoU2 is coming and it looks as good, if not better than anything they've ever done. plus, they're a sony-owned dev house. i really doubt your prediction is going to happen.

CaptainObvious8781954d ago

I hate Neil's pro feminist position as much as the next decent person that believes in actual real equality, but I can't deny the man's very talented and has crafted some of the best games this generation.

Sure, he might sprinkle in some inter sectional feminism in his games, but the main themes and characters he relies on are usually stuff we can all empathise with.

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rainslacker1955d ago

I think companies just need to find better ways to make games. Outsourcing is certainly an option, and is heavily used nowadays because its cheaper. But, when Sony can make a game like Horizon: Zero Dawn for 40 million dollars, then it says that it's possible to make big games for much less.

The problem isn't that the games are too expensive to make, it's that there is so much wasted resources in the long standing models that do exist within the industry. Companies that refuse to change with the times, and find more efficient means of executing their productions.

What I find disheartning here is that Henning is a long standing proponent of things becoming more efficient and stream lined. Her tone pretty much seems to say that she's given up on trying, or at least coming to the realization that no matter how many options are given to the industry to be more profitable, they just aren't willing to try, and instead go for greener pastures with new paradigms that maximize revenue, while minimizing production costs.

Cobra9511955d ago

The flip side of this coin is that games have become big, publicly held business, and as such, demands for constant year-over-year growth in profits are placed on it. That growth can't go on forever, and perhaps it's reaching a point of diminishing returns? Some recent games have earned ridiculous sums of revenue in a short time, multiple times their budget, yet their parent companies declared them to be disappointing. They made plenty of money, but they didn't make all the money in the world. This is why 800 people get fired during a company's financial boom. Investors demand big growth, or the top executives do, for their own gains.

rainslacker1955d ago

Returns aren't diminishing. No company is going to have continuous growth forever. Sometimes such investments are also about getting returns. Those are typically paid out in dividends, which is more like profit sharing than trying to make a return on increase in stock prices. If a company can continuously return a good amount, the price of the stock and the value of the company can still go up. Obviously investors want more increase for a variety of reasons, but it's not always obtainable. However, for the time being, it is this need to increase stock value that is causing these kinds of practices to increase. But, game companies can do better at managing their projects, its just that some prefer to go the less risky route, and use paradigms that lead to GaaS, or predatory selling tactics.

nucky641955d ago

remember jason rubin? one of the founders of naughty dog and creators of "jak and daxter" and "crash bandicoot". when he left ND to pursue other interests, people were saying how it was a big loss to gaming and how would ND continue to make great games - well, ND andgaming has done very well......and it will continue if AH doesn't make any more games. times change, fox.