New PS4 Games Revealed by Sony from China Hero Project Get First Screenshots and Details

Following the China Hero Project presentation from Beijing, developers revealed official details and the first screenshots of all the games announced. Small updates for Lost Soul Aside and Project Boundary have also been provided.

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StormSnooper1964d ago

Wow. Really cool titles. Lost islands is gorgeous

SuperSonic911964d ago

ANNO too. 2D sprites that animate and look like 3D! Wow!

rainslacker1964d ago

Quite a few of those games look great.

SuperSonic911964d ago

This is what I am talking about!!!!
PS4 doing great in the biggest market in the gaming world!
PlayStation Domination!

Silly gameAr1964d ago

In Nightmare sounds right up my alley.

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Lost Soul Aside Confirmed for ChinaJoy 2024

Game director Yang Bing will attend the event for an interview on July 26th. New gameplay will also potentially be showcased.

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Long Awaited PS5 Action Game Lost Soul Aside Is Still Alive, But Early 2024 Window Is Long Gone

Lost Soul Aside. Originally a one-man project that was picked up by Sony, the game's been in development for roughly seven years. In that time, the title has clearly undergone some dramatic changes — especially in terms of scope — and it's looked more and more promising with every showing. The game's most recent appearance arrived last summer, when a new trailer seemingly confirmed that the initial PS4 version was cancelled, in favour of PS5 and PC.

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GoodGuy09104d ago

I keep forgetting this game exists lol.

Vits104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Hard to blame you. The original announcement is almost 10 years old. The article calls it a 'long-awaited PS5 game' but when it first appeared the PS4 was barely a couple of years old.

lodossrage104d ago

It kind of has that Nioh thing going for it

Nioh originally was going to be an early ps3 game.


I searched the trailer on YouTube and the announcement trailer was a year ago are you sure your talking about the same game?

Vits104d ago


I mean... the second result is the original 2016 trailer:

And here is the original Unreal Forum post: https://forums.unrealengine...

Nooderus103d ago

It was inspired by FFXIII Vs trailers, now it feels like one.

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DarXyde103d ago

That's probably a good thing.

It flies under the radar with no hype. I find that to be very positive for the game's odds of delivering.

lellkay103d ago

It feels like vaporware at this point

MestreRothN4G103d ago

Integrating hundreds of stock assets is not an easy task.
It might look good, sure, but good luck with making it work and become an actual decent game.


AI Limit - Gameplay Preview Trailer | PS5 Games

Developed by the Chinese indie game studio SenseGames and published by CE-Asia, the post-apocalyptic sci-fi ARPG "AI LIMIT"(titled"无限机兵&q uot; in Chinese) is anticipated to hit the market in 2024, available on PlayStation 5.

You will play as the Blader [Alyssa] with a regenerated body, embarking on a lonely and dangerous journey.

phoenixwing184d ago

Seems interesting. Didn't see any of the skill tree for leveling up. Also story sounds samey