PS4 Firmware Update 6.50 Adding Some New Features Is Available Now

There is a brand new firmware update available for the PS4 today adding some new features.

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FallenAngel1984831d ago (Edited 831d ago )

Holy shit Remote Play on iOS devices is huge

However it really sucks how this remote play functionality doesn’t allow you to naturally use a DualShock 4 which seems quite odd, but on-screen controls to play your PS4 games remotely. This needs to be fixed ASAP

Nitrowolf2831d ago (Edited 831d ago )

Iirc the work around is to sign in on ur iOS on a secondary account, use remote play and push the ps button on ur remote, it’ll sign in on ur primary or which ever and u can use the DS controller.

That’s what I was doing on mobile

Surprised Name change isn’t here since it was in the beta

solideagle831d ago

I love remote play on laptop with my PS4 and use it to do boring stuff like grinding or quests in Witcher 3 :p

Tapani830d ago

Same here, my wife mostly played through Dragon Quest Builders II on her MacBook Pro. Worked surprisingly well when the PS4 Pro is not too far away. Even 60fps and no input lag (dualshock was connected to PS4P directly.) Just some minor hiccups, but nothing serious.

GordyNYC830d ago

No ds4 support makes it very limited...

bujasem_89830d ago

I use The DS4 on my phone. It works with remote play, and can actually be used to entirely control your phone with the DS4

Muzikguy830d ago

I can't wait for more Android devices to be allowed. I'd love remote play on my phone. Especially for the grinds in games like DQ

Profchaos830d ago

Traditionally the only Android device capable of remote play and native ds4 support was the Sony Xperia range of devices.

Given how they are not performing well in sales despite being quite competent I don't expect their main selling point to be ported to other Android devices

ThinkThink830d ago (Edited 830d ago )

This is probably just a trial run. They will get it working right and on as many mobile devices as possible.

TheUndertaker85830d ago (Edited 830d ago )

iOS is a whole different ballpark compared to Android though. iOS is limited to Apple devices. I currently have an iPhone 6 and I am able to use the Remote Play app. But then Apple devices also carry the same sorts of hardware and software on them. I am currently running iOS 12.2 and am part of the iOS beta program so I am running the newest version of iOS.

The same can not be said for Android. There are multiple processors, multiple Android variations, and an extremely high amount of variables there. A lot of Android devices as old as my iPhone 6 typically cannot run the newest versions of Android.

Profchaos830d ago

I've been using remote play on Xperia for years now and it gives the you native ds4 support.

Maybe Sony will patch it in for future releases

Teflon02830d ago

The easy PS4 control sync on Xperia is one of my favourite things

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TheGamez100831d ago

Ios only??!! Damnit sony why in the world cant you just make it available for all android devices also...

FallenAngel1984831d ago

Apparently there is an Android app for this feature

boing1831d ago

Only for Xperia series. I see this as super unfair to all android users.

KTF26831d ago

Xperia only
there was modified version for other phones but Sony always block them

Profchaos830d ago

Been playing it on Xperia for years. You could always grab a cheap second hand z2 tablet or phone and have remote play with a ds4 second hand those devices would only cost $30 or so by now since they are 2014 devices which still run quite well actually

zahdab831d ago (Edited 831d ago )

Just download the modded apk and install it

SLiSH83830d ago

Awe it’s super unfair,booooo hooo I’m a millennial and need to be coddled at all times.
Why only IOS booo hooo 😢😭😤

fr0sty830d ago (Edited 830d ago )

@slish What does not wanting to buy hardware that is overpriced and restricts what you can do with it have to do with being a "coddled millennial"?

Wolffenblitz830d ago


Get off the internet Grandad, your nurse has your pills for you.

Eidolon830d ago

The developer stopped for years. But he is working on a new one.

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rainslacker830d ago (Edited 830d ago )

There's an API dependency which hasn't been implemented in android yet. I think Google has it scheduled for their next is release. Best similar scenario us when they took out YouTube from vita because Sony wouldn't implement html5 support, except in this case, Google has to handle it on their end.

THC CELL831d ago (Edited 831d ago )

@fallenangel Get a xperia phone if u want to use ps4 controller

Shikoku830d ago

Or sony could stop trying to get people to use the craptastic xperia and just put it out for other devices its been 6yrs for crying out loud

THC CELL830d ago

Xperia xz 3 amazing phone and soon to be getting xperia 1 can't wait 😊

Shikoku830d ago

Keep telling yourself that. You're the like person running around singing the praise of the Windows phone.

TheUndertaker85830d ago

I already have and have had a remote play app for iOS that allows a workaround for using PS4 controllers. I doubt I will use Sony’s app to do so now since the app I was already using seems more stable and capable.

830d ago
BlackDoomAx830d ago

I'm amazed that in 2019 people still can't use phones and internet correctly xD

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ocelot07831d ago

I was in the 6.50 beta. Not updated to the public release yet. Has the country change option in the store not made the final release for 6.50?

captain_slow82831d ago

On the store now, yes you can change country with the full release.

Nitrowolf2831d ago (Edited 831d ago )

I don’t see this as an option

I see it now, EU accounts only atm

OneEyedSteve831d ago

What an absolute load of rubbish!

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