Sony Reveals Lots of Interesting New PS4 Games from its China Hero Project

During a presentation to showcase the games for PS4 created by the developers supported by China Hero Project, Sony Interactive Entertainment presented a ton of new trailers, including a look at two previously announced games, and several new ones.

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TheGamez1001961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Hopefully we get more news on lost soul aside soon. Been wondering how that games coming along and hope there hasnt been too much trouble with it. From some of the gameplays we've seen, the game did not look as good as the trailer and definitely needs work.

Abriael1961d ago

It was pretty early in development, and not too much later after it switched from a single-dev project to one with a small team. I don't think it'll release too soon, but I'm sure they'll handle the issues. It was a lot of fun to play.

StormSnooper1961d ago

there are some gorgeous games there. I’m actually surprised.

ABizzel11961d ago

Good art styles in several of them. Some look legit, while the others seem like generic/decent indie offerings, which is okay. Not everyone or everything needs to be high AAA budget.

It’s a good showing and first move by Sony in China which is primarily a PC market. If they can get some developers on their side, it could make PS4 and the future of PS5 break ground in China.

China could be a bigger market for console gaming than the JP, EU, or NA which would bring in another 50m and growing, users to the install base to be split amongst the platforms, and the first one to control that region practically wins.

SuperSonic911961d ago

The PS4 goodwill is phenomenal.
That ANNO game looks very interesting.
Its like a souped up PS1 game that looks amazing.

SuperSonic911961d ago

ANNO looks phenomenal!!!!
Can't wait for that game!

AizenSosuke1961d ago

Playstation provides what they do best : Games

Brazz1961d ago

If Playstations starts to deliver some "playstation exclusives at Day 1" on psnow, i can totaly see more investments in the china hero project. Looking at these videos and seeing lots of potential for good, and probably unexpensive, games for playstation consoles and streaming service.

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phoenixwing181d ago

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