Release Day Reviews Are Losing Relevance, and Single-Player Games Have the Most to Lose

The process of releasing reviews at or ahead of launch is well-established, but it may not be the best way to move the gaming industry forward

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AspiringProGenji1544d ago

Except for the part that all SP games that have released this year and last year have been well received while the GasS are the shitty games who only purpose is to make the consumer tired of grinding and make them spend money. I’m glad reviews exists to keep me informed of these stupid games. I already fell for Destiny 1 and No Man Sky with the “I don’t care about what reviewers/people say” attitude... never again

Thundercat771544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

I fell with Destiny 1 too. Once I saw how soulless the game was and that it was all about grinding, I quit.

No more of these games for me.

rainslacker1543d ago

A single review shouldn't really influence someone. But, generally speaking, the collective review scores should give a good representation of the quality of the game overall. However, no review, collective or otherwise can determine how someone may actually feel about an individual game.

I find word of mouth a better indicator for games which don't have all that exclusive hype wrapped around it, but I've been gaming long enough to be able to watch trailers, and read a review, and have a general idea of if I'll like the game or not. Sometimes, I'm wrong, but I'll figure that out on my own.

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Hardiman1544d ago

Release a full product instead of releasing a shell and milking the shit out of it!

Thundercat771544d ago

Exactly. They want to get away with incomplete games and them blame the reviews!!!

ArchangelMike1544d ago

If you expect people to she'll out $60 for your game on day 1, then it better be worth the asking price regardless of the game model - GaaS, singleplayer, multiplayer or other. The problem is not the issue of "modern reviews", the issue is the release of broken and incomplete games at the ppint of launch. It is this practice that needs to stop.

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AK911544d ago

Are you kidding game reviews haven’t been relevant in almost a decade its all about what the games think and say about the game not the reviewers.

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