Tekken 7 Director Is Tired of Trying to Avoid Offending People; Devs Will Do What they Want

Tekken 7 Director Katsuhiro Harada is known to be rather outspoken, and he recently took to Twitter to mention that he is tired of trying to avoid offending people.

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Jin_Sakai1929d ago

“Tekken 7 Director Is Tired of Trying to Avoid Offending People; Devs Will Do What they Want”

That’s exactly how it should be. You can’t not offend anyone these days.

CloudStrife9001929d ago

Totally agree. Hell, you cant even exclude something without someone somewhere making a fuss. Complete creative freedom is the way to go. I wouldn't personally have it any other way.

cleft51928d ago

Exactly right, just do whatever you want. That is 100% the best way to go. Just look at Nier Automata, they did whatever they wanted and now that game is a hit. Yes, there will be some misses buts its better to miss doing whatever you want, then to miss pandering to a bunch of people that will never be pleased or buy your product no matter what.

DarXyde1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I think it can go either way, personally.

Games don't really need to be catering to the delicate sensibilities of people, but I've never really been a fan of doing things just because it's edgy. Perfect example: Hatred. Game was trash and the only reason it got any attention is because it was so controversial... yet some people supported it strictly because of that which, to me, is like NOT buying a game just because it's "toned down". If Dead or Alive toned down what it does and the sales tanked as a consequence, it sounds like it was never that great of a game to begin with.

I think people are strange in the way they choose to support games. Not knocking anyone else, but I guess I've never really needed mature themes or the like to enjoy a good game. But I think if support is contingent upon what people need to be validated in the fact that they're playing a mature game, that is a bit sad.

Eonjay1929d ago

The truth is that you can't ever fully avoid offending someone simply because offence is a matter of perception. By the same token, you have to have the testicular fortitude to accept that someone will be offended and that they have the right to be. The worst possible society is one where you 'aren't allowed' to be offended. That's brainwashing.

generic-user-name1928d ago

As long as the offended parties aren't demanding censorship and bending to their will, I have no problem with people being offended.

IMissJimRyan1928d ago

You all just say that because you were not portred as a bad stereotypenin a game. There's no shooter where The hero kill americans. There's no war game where muslins are not terrorists. There's no fighting game where woman is not over sexualized. There's no strategy game where colonization is showed as a crime like it was. All these exemples are glorified prejudice and bigotry.
But most of you think hat it s just a matter of market, and a wallet option. It isnt.

IMissJimRyan1928d ago

There's no double standards. Because you can only compare things that are the same. Accusing spoiled white men from developed countries has a weight. Accusing black woman from poor country is complete different matter.
When I see those comments about SJW in this kind of news I can see most people talking about white women/men from rich countries that dont have real problems. When we see a spoiled white rich woman criticizing her male counterpart seem hypocrital. And it is.
But I'm saying from a poor country citzen perspective. And this, most of you, men and women, can't even understand. Make me sad to see people even arguing about colonization, bigotry and racism as something good or even guilty of victims.

bloop1928d ago

Why are you on a gaming site locomorales?? Sounds like you're pretty much offended by everything, to the point where you couldn't possibly enjoy any type of media whatsoever.

antarius1928d ago

Locomorales: I will never apologize or be sad for living in the greatest country in the world. It’s called patriotism and if that’s bigotry then go fuck your self.

johndoe112111928d ago

"You all just say that because you were not portred as a bad stereotypenin a game. There's no shooter where The hero kill americans. There's no war game where muslins are not terrorists. There's no fighting game where woman is not over sexualized. There's no strategy game where colonization is showed as a crime like it was. All these exemples are glorified prejudice and bigotry."

You're spouting utter tripe. As a christian I see christians being portrayed in games and movies as zealous, bigoted, hateful bible thumpers all the time. Am I offended at this, absolutely. Do I think creators should be forced to portray us differently, ABSOLUTELY NOT. If that is how writers and developers wish to portray christians they should absolutely have the freedom to do so. The onus is then on me to decide whether or not I will support the game or movie. This is the result of freedom of expression, I don't have to like how I am being portrayed (even if what is being portrayed is totally false) I just need to accept that people have the freedom to do so. I'm not white but I see how negatively white males are portrayed in the media today and I find it disgusting. However, the people doing so are 100% free to portray them as they feel. We then have the right to say "I'm not paying to see that move" or "I'm not buying that game", that is OUR right. Men are over sexualised in video games and movies all the time, does anyone complain about this? Where's your outrage about that?You're obviously blind to the plight of those you deem to be "not worthy" of your consideration.

Potnoodle9991928d ago

Sorry antarius... but which is the greatest country in the world???
You said that as if it is rhetorical so just wondering, because Jesus Christ, you can’t possibly mean Murica right?
Hahaha ahh thought so. Thank god for that. Phew close one😂😂

Eonjay1928d ago

Guys play nice. Choose to at least attempt to understand each other.

rainslacker1928d ago


Go.look at the people who do the most complaining. They fall into the category of privaledged white male, or sometimes female, more than they fall into the categories you say are oppressed and misrepresented.

PoSTedUP1928d ago

limiting freedom of speech, freedom of expression or offensive language only encourages people to hide behind a shield and cower. thats why we have a whole generation of weak emasculated snowflakes, with no people skills that dont know how to cope with someone offending them. it limits progression in a society, makes ppl soft and allows for total government control over a society rather than actual freedom to grow and learn to deal with reality.

i hope he offends everyone at this point, he has a right to. ppl need to stop being so soft and realize you are not going to be babied your whole life. learn to deal with it and become a bigger person not a smaller one that calls for censoring someones right to freedom of expression. that would be communism.

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IMissJimRyan1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Of course you can't. But you cant use sexism, racism, bigotry and xenophobia in a game.
I know, most of you here are just spoiled white guys from developed countries that believe that those things dont even exist. But games were just an escapism reforcing steretypes.
Yesterday there was people fighting for a rape game on Steam. Those people are sick. It's not a matter of choice. Those games and gamers are a social problema.

CorndogBurglar1928d ago


For someone talking about not offending people you sure come off as a pretty big racist toward white people.

gamer78041928d ago

@locomorales couple of things....

1. You do realize you just denounced sexism and racism, but then were sexist and racist in your post? By assuming most who disagree with you are white men from developed countries.

2. You have every right to make a game however you want, if you make it "so terrible" (deemed by whatever group or groups of people) it won't sell. Let the free market determine what should be sold as long as its under the laws wherein the game is released. And yes steam is a part of that free market, based in the United States they have the right to sell what they want.

CorndogBurglar1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

1. There are war games where muslims are shown not to be terrorists. Sure, most war games taking place in modern times have you fighting Islamic terrorists. But that's because that is the most prevalent threat in the world right now. But no war game that I've ever played has outright called the terrorists Muslims either. Extremists, maybe. But they've never called out the particular Muslim religion like you claim. Also, most war games also have Islamic NPC'S that are not terrorists.

But again, terrorism is the main threat in the world these days. And guess what group of people is responsible for it more than any other? Here's a hint: It isn't Africans, African Americans, Germans, Americans, The British, Japanese, or Chinese.

When they make WW2 games the enemy is Germans. Because that was the threat of the time. When they make modern war games the threat is going to be terrorists, because that is the threat of our time. Period.

2. Most fighting games oversexualize everyone. Or are you one of these people that think it's bad to show women in revealing clothes but it's totally okay to show shirtless guys that are ripped and full of muscles wearing nothing but pants or shorts? It goes both ways.

3. Again, colonization was a way of life in the past. I know you are particularly calling out white Americans based on the rest of your racist comment, but believe it or not, colonization is how most countries got where they are today. Back then many countries were all about conquering and killing other groups of people and taking their land and resources for themselves. And yes, even Mexican tribes did it. So if you are going to make these crazy comments then you can't turn an eye to certain groups that fit your anti-white agenda.

4. As for people fighting for a rape game? Sure there are always going to be sick people in the world. Otherwise there wouldn't be crimes at all. But if you are seriously going to group those people together with people that like fighting games, war games, and strategy games then you are only showing your real ignorance.

cyber_daemonx1928d ago

The hypocrisy and double standards in your post says it all tbh.

P_Bomb1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

There are games with examples of the things you listed. You just have to expand your horizons. A strategy game like Halo Wars probably isn’t trying to move the needle.

Elsewhere though: RDR2 culminates with several main stories and sides centred around the Wapiti Reservation that show you and talk about colonization in a negative light. Then the epilogue shows you their depressing future. Arthur is very vocal about racism as well.

Pretty sure Altair was Muslim in Assassins Creed. His father was anyways. Bayek was more devout. AC has games throughout history that talk about colonialism in a negative light. AC3 and AC Rogue all you do is kill Americans and British. AC3 even has elseworlds DLC called the Tyranny of George Washington where he’s the villain. AC Origins has a lot of contempt for the Romans invading Egypt and putting up statues of Greek gods and Roman architecture, pushing out the status quo. Some of the npcs are raging. Religions of all kinds are talked about openly. Dude, Ezio fights the Pope for goodness sake. Christianity was often shown as a lie, societal control, divine intervention was actually just ppl manipulating the scientific artifacts (apples) of an advanced race.

Big Boss in his MGS games winds up denouncing America, leaving the country and starting his own. He’s attacked by Americans after attacking their Guantanamo camp in Ground Zeroes as well. The games show you corruption in the CIA, the President, Secretary of Defense, with very strong anti-war messages and statistics. MGS3 leads into Portable Ops and PeaceWalker that are all about America turning its back on its own heroes and raising the ire of the rest of the world in the process. One country’s Terrorists is another’s Freedom Fighter and all that. Later using Solid Snake to kill Big Boss.

Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada is a 48 year old Japanese man, not a privelaged white guy. As you go through history you’ll find blood on many hands. Nanking comes to mind. Can’t change the past, but we can learn from it so we don’t repeat it.

Azfargh1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I am an asian born and raised Brazil, I am not white, neither rich nor living in a rich, developed country. I am stereotyped and made fun of my entire life (and they don´t make it easy), I was bullied in my school, I am target for most of the homeless money-begging, sudden higher shop prices and mugging attempts. Also I have this friend of mine that is gay and goes through an unfair share of hard times and it does not keep oppressing people around, even if they are being mean towards him... So, stop being another pussy soldier in an army full of pussies, ya pussy. You should defend against stereotyping only when it is with a ill purposed intention to offend, and not because an artist did what it felt is right for the game or an random harmless joke.

TheTony3161928d ago


And calling people "spoiled white guys" is not racist? Stop with the double standards you hypocrite.

Dixiedevil1928d ago

Ah, government regulated media and speech. Let me guess, you’re against fascism too aren’t ya?

1928d ago
skwidd1928d ago

Rape is one of the most common fantasies most common with women. FYI

OG_TK_Cole1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

As a Black man that lives in America @locomorales is correct, and deep in your hearts most of you that are down voting him know it to. But hey "White Privilege" and "White Supremacy" wouldn't be what it is today, if most of the White People on this forum didnt agree with it.

Personally speaking, there is going to come a time when White America is going to have to answer for all the wrongs that they have created around the world. I just hope you guys are not that blind, where you dont see that day fast approaching.

I know some of you are going to down vote my post, and write that im being a SJW for a rebuttal. But the reality is "Power Wears Out Those Who Don't Have It." There is a power struggle going on In America and the world right now, And from the looks of it, White Supremacy, and White Privilege is losing.

Silly gameAr1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Why do you have to bring race into this? You make people that are non-white look like whining babies. I'm not a white male, and I cringed at every comment that you've made.

I think a dev should be free to create, even if it's offensive to some. That's the great thing about having freedom.

Phi395821928d ago

It gives me hope to see you down voted so hard....America still has a chance with the insanely liberal education being provided to our youth