The Best Devil May Cry Games, All 6 Ranked

Author Writes: With the release of Devil May Cry V, we take a look back at the Devil May Cry series and see which game stakes its claim as the very best.

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Prubar631d ago

DMC 2 is definitely the worst. After that it depends on which day of the week really for me. Yes that includes the remake.

AnthonyDavis631d ago (Edited 631d ago )

5 3 1 4 DmC 2 in terms of legacy

5 3 4 DmC 1 2 in terms of direct comparisons

The_Hooligan631d ago

I personally like DMC 3 the best. Then 1, 4, 2. I'm going to wait to buy 5 since my backlog is pretty huge.

NapalmSanctuary631d ago

Why do all these sites always get the fan disapproval of DmC wrong. Yeah, NT really screwed Dante's character up and even failed to create a compelling new version on its own... and the story really sucked. The gameplay was really off too, though. It was more inline with GoW, where the goal seemed to be making the player feel powerful instead of testing the player and forcing him/her to build some real skill with the combat system. Traditional DMC fans do not want scrubby combat systems in their DMC games. That was the biggest issue with DmC.