Devil May Cry 5: The Kotaku Review

Kotaku: Devil May Cry 5 is a wild mess of demonic magic, blood, brooding twinks, butt rock music, kung-fu homage, and joyous gameplay. By the end of it, I had killed literally thousands of demons and watched struggles of Biblical proportions. The experience itself is a blur, but I know two things for certain. The first is that while there’s nary a drop of romance in the game, every one of Devil May Cry 5’s sexy trash protagonists has absolutely fucked. The second is that every bone-splintering, blood-splattering moment I spent with them was a goddamn blast.

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TheOptimist1365d ago

I second your question. Do they use slapping buttcheeks as drum beats?

AK911365d ago

And this is why games journalism is dead