6 Dumb Video Game Protagonists Who Weren't the Sharpest Tools in the Shed

Today, we're looking at six dumb video game protagonists that, while great characters in their own right, could've stood to stop and think more often. From not thinking about the long term consequences to their actions to forgetting basic information prevalent to their missions, they consistently showed their intelligence wasn't their defining trait as their games' leads.

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Kados632d ago

Atsuma - Enchanted Arms

Harkins1721632d ago

Logic in video games? Come on twinfinite

DrumBeat632d ago

Arthur Morgan definitely ranks up there.

NautilusXIII632d ago

As long as you r not wearing a black coat, Sora will trust you.

rainslacker631d ago

Was kind of disappointed in what they did with Sora in KH3. He was never super intelligent, but he was never a complete idiot like they had in the recent game. He was completely moronic the whole way through. Overly naieve and optimistic, and even at times where he realized how dire the situation was, he acted more like a goof ball than someone who realized what was expected of him. I kind of knew how bad it was going to be with the first scene in the gummi ship, where he is oblivious to what he should do next, and having to listen to him prattle on while all the characters around him were seemingly knowledgeable about the next step to take were dishing out narrative.

KH3 made him seem more like he was comic relief, but the story itself didn't really require it, because it had no big climax or tension. He also wasn't even funny, and all those laughable moments with Donald and Goofy, and with the people from the Disney worlds, were lamer than a after school cartoon happy laugh ending.