Dismantling Review Bombs: Constructive Tools or Products of Entitlement?

Review bombing can serve as an impetus for positive change or as a disruptive force to undermine developers & their work. What is your opinion?

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otakuapologist515d ago

We experience this a lot in the hentai industry. Games are approved by Steam, then pulled when a surge of people outside the paying customer base get butthurt about the moral dimensions of the content.

There's no hope of these types of incidents stopping, because the public discussion on our values has been destroyed by the internet tech giants who actively censor content that goes against their leftist bias.

We need clear values and laws that everyone respects, and these rules need to keep on pace with the evolution of our technology and culture. Without free speech, people can't pool their experiences together to synthesize a cohesive philosophical framework that's universal. Science became so prevalent in the last century that we lost our connection to Christianity, the religion that was the base of our entire system of laws. We have nothing to replace Christianity with, so we're left to tribal in-fighting between groups who live by different moral codes.

chris235514d ago

if reviews made a difference they would be forbidden. if anything every review no matter how bad is an advertisement. and the authors are just in it for the clickrevenue. so... point being?

Cobra951514d ago

I reject the notion that all the review bombs come from organized mobs. If something gets an overwhelming number of downvotes or negative comments, the publishers or developers did something to anger a lot of people. Injecting contentious politics into games or movies is one sure way to garner much hate in written form. There's nothing wrong with that. It's called free speech. There are consequences for every act.