Left 4 Dead Opening Cinematic

Left4Dead411 writes,

"Valve has released the Left 4 Dead opening cinematic, a nearly 5 minute movie-quality rollercoaster ride of badassery.

They have released it to GameSpot exclusively for now, watch it here. Make sure to get a clean pair of pants before you click."

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WIIIS14613d ago

Which version are you getting?

Fox014612d ago (Edited 4612d ago )

I have a very powerful PC, but I'm getting the 360 version just to play with my friends.

Bnet3434612d ago

I have an Xbox 360, but I have a Steam account and always get Steam games on PC.

solar4612d ago

i loved the intro. "we only crosses the street". ill be getting this for PC. can....not....wait.

TheIneffableBob4612d ago

I'm getting it for PC too since all my friends and family are getting it for PC.

Swarm4612d ago

PC for me..... it's the only place to be.

FCC4612d ago

The only reason I got a console is to avoid upgrading and downloading drivers for graphics cards, RAM, processors, whatever. I don't have a powerful PC because I refuse to keep throwing money at my PC to newer games. I also like consoles because I get to lie on my couch and use my TV.

360 version for me. Friends getting it on 360 also. Left 4 Dead = Multiplayer GOTY for sure.

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cherrypie4612d ago

Day one purchase. Another break-out hit for Xbox 360 owners.

omni_atlas4612d ago

Another break out hit for **PC Owners. I don't know about you, but playing FPS on a console really sucks. And you do know that MS is ripping you off by charging for further down the line updates which valve have promised for free for PC users.


Jinxstar4612d ago

Omni your right adn thats the reason I am getting it for PC but you don't have to sink to the level he did as far as "oh yeah well my dad can beat up your dad" just cause he's being that way you don't have too.

I'll be getting it for PC myself just because of valves history with taking care of PC gamers. That and i like playing online for free...

y0haN4612d ago

Yeah enjoy paying for patches and updates. I'll be playing the cheaper, superior PC version with free updates.


Bnet3434612d ago

Why do you have to be so bitter? I guess you won't be playing Resistance 2 or Killzone 2.


Paying for patches are you retarded i have never payed for a patch on the 360.

omni_atlas4612d ago

KRUSSIDULL: Gabe said so himself that patches and updates, such as those for Team fortress will have to be purchased.

Kigmal: I dunno about you, but I also have a PS3 so I have no idea what you're talking about.

Jinxstar: I'm just stating an opinion.

Bnet3434612d ago

"I don't know about you, but playing FPS on a console really sucks."

In other words, it will suck to play R2 and K2.

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JonahNL4612d ago

There are no words to describe what I'm feeling right now... But to come close - HOLY SH*T, DAMN, OMG, WTF, TOTALLY FRIGGIN' AWESOME! I'm definitely downloading the demo now and hell yeah, first day purchase!!! =D

uxo224612d ago

The movie was awesome. I haven't this excited about a game in quite some time. The fast moving zombies are fckin' CRAZY! If I get no other game this year, I will be getting this one.

Drealmcc0y4612d ago

That was genuinely scary

dragon ball Z DROIDS4612d ago

i heard to you have to pay money to go online on the 360 version.

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