Vote for SackBoy: Help Pluto be a Planet

Sackboy has spoken on the PlayStation Blog. He writes:

"My fellow Americans,

Its me … SackBoy! Now that you can go pickup LittleBigPlanet in your local retailer, I can take on other matters that are important to me other than playing, creating and sharing! So I wanted to take this opportunity to bring your attention to a worthwhile cause.

Well, as you know it's election season here and it's not all about Democrats and Republicans. There are bigger issues going on and I need YOU to get involved!"

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FBl4264d ago

Vote for Obama next week

Lucreto4264d ago

Yes vote for Sackboy they Obama.

Our Little Big Planet votes Obama

jack who4264d ago

this makes me sad inside

Nitrowolf24264d ago

That is pretty cool, i can see allot of support for this
LBP owners= support most likely

UltimateIdiot9114264d ago

I'm sorry, but Pluto FTL here. Never thought of it as a planet, never will.

SaiyanFury4264d ago

Hehe LBP - LittleBigPluto. For decades Pluto was considered a planet and now it's been decided arbitrarily to be de-classified as a planet? It may be small, but if it's no bigger than some of the moons in the Solar System, when there are so many of those viewable moons closer to Earth, then why did scientists label it a planet anyways? For me, it's still a planet.

baum4264d ago

Science is not subjective, it's not a democracy, the reason pluto is not considered a planet is because it doesn't fit with the updated definition of planet, and they'd have to re-define what planet means. There is a scientific (and perhaps even philosophical) reason for that definition, it's not just abitrary bullsh1t (for that there are creationists and Xbox fanboys).

GrandTheftZamboni4264d ago

"Science is not subjective"

Then why did they change the definition of a planet? Did something change in objective world recently?

PirateThom4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

It's subjective within pre-defined terms.

Either way, it's not a planet, which returns Holst's Planet Suite to it's past glory, by being the correct length.

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The story is too old to be commented.