Call of Duty: World at War Xbox 360 Trailer - Zombie Level

Trailer for Call of Duty:World at War Nazi Zombie mission

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SeanScythe5508d ago

only reason I want this game

Captain Tuttle5508d ago

Does Treyarch have ANY original ideas?

kornbeaner5508d ago

Do you have any original post? Lately in all the stories I have seen you in, all your post have been negative about said game/developer/publisher. Get over yourself, these games are meant for fun, if this looks fun then play it, if not STFU already or better yet since you seem to be the master of ideas try to set-up a pitch-meeting for yourself and see if a publisher will make a game based on something you created.

Captain Tuttle5507d ago (Edited 5507d ago )

I'm flattered that you're following me.

You shouldn't take this stuff so personally. Unless you work for Treyarch. And then I think you work for a crappy company.

DISCIPLE1115508d ago

or is this a TRICK not a treat

jammy_705508d ago

i havent really been following this game (kinda stupid cuz i want it) but y is there zombies in this game?
is it just multiplayer or in the actual game

Snyph3r5508d ago (Edited 5508d ago )

Once you completed the single player campaign you will unlock this 4 player online co-op level...it will have an unlimited level of zombie waves as long as your group is still alive...the developer went as high as 23 levele or waves....

socalr65508d ago

Agree with Kornbeaner. This game is gonna rock. Been playing COD3 to get ready for some more WWII action.

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65 Year Old Gamer Racks Up Ridiculous Stats After Playing 1 Game for 15 Years

A very devoted fan of Call of Duty: World at War racks up incredible in-game stats while playing regularly for the past 15 years.

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franwex147d ago

Well, he definitely got his money’s worth.

Abnor_Mal147d ago

Same as Shirley Curry playing Skyrim for years. In the next Elders Scrolls game they should have her in the game as some form of npc.

andy85147d ago

She is, I read she will be a character. Not a dig in any form but I hope she's alive when it releases

Relientk77147d ago

That's over 7,000 hours geez. What crazy stats

nitus10147d ago

Actually it is very easy to up the number of hours you have been playing a game. Basically all you need to do (assuming you have a PS4 or 5) is to place the console into stand-by without exiting the game, so if you do this a one hour gameplay actually becomes a 24 gameplay or longer.

boing1147d ago

What? So the game is still runinng when you put it to sleep? What?

EvertonFC147d ago

It's actually sad not an achievement but hey we need the full story details.

Knushwood Butt147d ago

There's someone on my friend list that has more than 6200 hours on Uncharted 4.

vTuro24147d ago

7k hours over 15 years isn't that crazy. The fact that he's been playing the same game for 15 years is more impressive.

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anast147d ago

And then you got people that want to finish a game every week.

Rhythmattic147d ago

Nailed what is the Spectrum... For good and bad, Quality or Quantity..Or the unreasonable to reason for. ;)

jznrpg147d ago

Of course you will hit a ridiculous stat after 15 of anything.
My main character for Everquest had over 500 days played in the first 6 years of the game. I was young then and had a lot of time on my hands. I don’t think I could duplicate that again until I retire and not sure I could match it if I tried.

EvertonFC147d ago

500 days in 6 years is nothing lol, you do realise how many days in a year right ?

poppatron147d ago

I might be getting the maths wrong here, I think 500 days in 6 years works out at an average of just over 6 hours every single day. For 6 years. That’s pretty serious

EvertonFC147d ago

Edit: wrote this early this morning, I understand it's lots of hours now lol at myself 😂🤣😜

RedDevils147d ago

The only way to achieve this, is by having no life outside of video game lol.

Outlawzz147d ago

Strange choice of game but hey that's some devotion. Congrats to them!