Will Red Dead Redemption 2 Stick Around Like Grand Theft Auto V?

Kehl Bayern writes: "One expectation that lingered above Red Dead Redemption 2 even before its release was whether or not it would have the staying power of Grand Theft Auto V."

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Profchaos81d ago

Maybe not for the same reasons but that's ok I see this as being a long term seller because of its story and it's single player world.

Even if you hate the game there's no denying the performance the actors gave and the world rockstar built isn't impressive even in a few years I still see people playing the campaign in the same way fans of the series replay rdr because it's so unique nobody else is making westerns

badz14981d ago

but GTAV keeps selling definitely NOT because of the SP campaign but rather the online portion of it. and with how limited they are on what they can do with RDR Online if they are going to stick with the cowboy era theme, I don't see RDR2 hanging around for as long as GTAV. but there's nothing to stop them from going absolutely batshit crazy just to spice up the online and make it more like GTAV

AK9181d ago (Edited 81d ago )

I don’t know GTA online is a success story that no one saw coming but there is certain things you can do in GTA online that you can’t in RDR Online due to the setting of the latter. I don’t think it’ll reach GTA Online heights.

KyRo81d ago

I personally have never really enjoyed the RDR games but we can't forget that GTA online is very much set in the modern day but it has flying bikes with lazers, madmax arena combat, hover suits etc. It won't put it past them to add unicorns with rainbow poo as dlc tbh.

ossyc81d ago

No cos the online sucks ass

nmbr1esq81d ago

Nope, loved the sp story, but online sucks not enough to do and until you can reliably get into a single person public lobby it's dead in the water.

Araragifeels 81d ago

It can, if Rockstar focus on making story dlc instead of focusing on the trash Red Dead Online.