Mortal Kombat – Ranking The Series From Worst to Best

From the lowest of lows to the bloodiest of highs – see how all the main titles stack up in retrospect.

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SenorJepeto349d ago

Well. I agree with this list. Mortal Kombat 9 and 2 are my favorites. I tried playing Mortal Kombat 4 recently and oh god it did not age well.

Army_of_Darkness349d ago

Yes! Mk2 and mk9 were the games I played the most out of all the rest.

DefenderOfDoom2349d ago

Pain in the neck to keep loading in 15 different pages using the PS4 Internet browser . Gaming Bolt you need to step into the year 2019.

WitcheRivia349d ago ShowReplies(1)
theshredded349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

mkx being ranked up so high makes me vomit. The whole kids generation, old looking ugly characters, women suddenly wearing more clothes and the guest characters made me not buy the game.

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