Hideaki Itsuno admits that Devil May Cry 4's latter half re-used levels due to budget restrictions

DSOGaming writes: "Devil May Cry 5 will release in a few days and Capcom’s Hideaki Itsuno has finally admitted, in a brand new lengthy video documentary, that the fourth part in the series had major budget issue, resulting in the inclusion of previous levels during its latter half."

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gangsta_red631d ago

This really killed the whole game. It was an awesome experience until you go to this part.

TimelessDbz631d ago

Dmc4 had the best engine . Plays the best out of the series .

Traecy631d ago

Basically because it was designed on the consoles (PS3/XB360) when the first 3 DMC were on the PS2.

Flewid638630d ago

Yeah. I liked DMC as well, but not until the Definitive Edition when it ran at 60. DMC4 was already doing that. Dope series.

MoshA631d ago

Devil May Cry 1 and DmC are still the only good entries in the franchise. The new one took a lot of inspiration from DmC so I have high hopes for it. Wish it came out on one platform at a time though.

Snakeeater25631d ago

Dmc was a emo piece of crap, one of the worst game capcom has ever made

KyRo631d ago

It was a good game. Its just weren't Devil May Cry. The same goes for RE5, it was a good game but it weren't resident evil. Both may of not had the outcome or reception that Capcom wanted but at least they tried to do something different.

Larrysweet631d ago

No it wasnt was amazing sure u never tried it

HeisenbergX630d ago

Yes it was except Capcom didn't make that DmC they only published it.

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Tapani631d ago (Edited 631d ago )

I thought 3 was good, and 4 ok. First one was supposed to be the next Resident Evil but it ended up its own series, and that is why the second one ended up so bad. Remedied themselves on the third game nicely, had some good moments in it. I still like the first game's atmosphere and adventure-like feeling. You could search lot of the items and environments (similarly to RE series.)

BlaqMagiq1631d ago

DMC3 destroys both of those games. And DmC was just as bad as DMC2.

BlaqMagiq1631d ago


Hyperbole? No. Just truth.

FalconofLucis98631d ago (Edited 631d ago )

cough cough DMC3, DMC4 and DMC1 are the only ones worth playing.

DMC4 plays the best though.

pietro1212631d ago

The second half of DMC4 was disappointing, but it's gameplay was second best right after DMC3. DMC3 >DmC> DMC4 >DMC1 >DMC2

KwietStorm_BLM631d ago

First time I've ever heard of anyone putting DmC above Devil May Cry 3.

MoshA631d ago

All the DMC games are nowhere near Bayonetta and God of War of course ;)

Traecy631d ago

Agreed though I liked DMC3 also.

pietro1212631d ago

Nah. DMC3 tops the GoW series except for maybe GoW2018. The previous GoW entries don't come close to the DMC titles gameplay

MoshA630d ago

Yeah like when they place a wall to force you to fight because the combat is tedious af lmao! In GoW 3 you can skip most enemies but don't notice it. Also DMC breaks immersion in every chapter and Gow has no loading screens. Don't compare masterpieces to garbage.

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631d ago
Donnie81631d ago

That’s why it wasn’t as good as the others

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