Exclusive interview with Round 8 Studio's Director of Development and Bless Unleashed on Xbox One

Carlos writes: ""Bandai Namco will be bringing Bless Unleashed to Xbox One later this year, with the game taking place in an untamed world, leaving the hardcore MMORPG players to forge their own tale. It looks stunning, will come with PvE and PvP options, and promises to have an endless amount of content to boot. With all that in mind, and with the opportunity opening up to us, we had a quick chat with Jason Park, Director of Development at Round 8 Studio, overseer of all things Bless Unleashed related, to see what was what!

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Vasto1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

So many more exclusives still to come.

averagejoe261169d ago

Hopefully one will actually be high rated for once!

Vasto1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

I dont care how they rate. Right now I am enjoying Jump Force, Dead Or Alive 6 and Crackdown 3 yet all of them did not get good ratings.

We are on the road to E3. See you there!

Automatic791170d ago

People say Xbox has no exclusives.

dekke1169d ago

it doesnt.... medicore games and yet all available on pc :P

Steveoreno11169d ago

A simple Google search can find out that this game is coming to ps4 eventually

averagejoe261169d ago

They don't considering you can play every game on PC :)