Everything Microsoft's Xbox Game Studios is working on right now

Microsoft rebranded its contingent of internal studios to "Xbox Game Studios" at the start of 2019. Here's everything the studios are working on.

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yarbie1000231d ago

They can buy all the studios they want and have the games coming off an assembly line. But so long as the quality is in line with Recore, Super Lucky's Tale, State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3 and all the other mediocre games that have come out lately then it's not gonna mean anything. Playground Games & Forza Horizon is the only studio & series that has shined this generation. Everything else hasn't come close to the polish of many of the Sony releases. This gen Microsoft marketed, just wait. Wait till DX12, Wait till Cloud Power, Wait till E3, Wait till Xbox X, Wait till we buy all these studios, wait till the new Xbox's. Microsoft has even stated most of these studios they bought are NOT working on AAA content. YES, they actually said that. They admitted they're there to keep games coming out on Game Pass to keep people subbed.

shaggy2303231d ago

Any source for your claim the they aren't working on AAA games?

I mean them saying they are going to keep games coming out on Games Pass isn't them saying no AAA games.

itsmebryan231d ago

Well you know they will keep moving the goal post.
They can't says xbox has no games they have to says they are not good.

They forget that just because they don't like a game doesnt make it bad. I hated God of war and kingdom heart. Does it make them bad games? No. It's just not for me.

Have you played Crackdown 3? I have gamepass ( a great service) and. It lets you try a game with no pressure. If you don't like a game just pick another. No big deal.

So, I gave crackdown 3 a try and I like it. It reminds me a lot like "Sunset Overdrive" just no grinding and not as funny. But, when you're threat level gets 3 it really gets intense anf all you can do is try to get away. It has a good mix of 3rd person shooter, platforms, and driving in a open world. I'm surprised I like it since I didn't like the first one. You get abilities upgrade to compliment your playing style.

I'm curious. The people that don't like Crackdown 3. Do you like Sunset Overdrive?

yarbie1000231d ago

"I don't want to seem like we're going out to fill a quota," he says. "It's not about filling a spreadsheet by any means. We will, however, have an interest in studios right now that fit this criteria of 50 to 100 people, who are making games on a two to three year cadence, and have content that we think will be of interest to our Game Pass subscribers. That means content that is a little different to what our big AAA franchises can deliver. https://www.gamesindustry.b...

Potnoodle999230d ago

Not sure of the relevance. Sunset overdrive was okay. Average game from a quality developer who have since gone on to develop spider man which is a fantastic exclusive. Crackdown 3 on the other hand is a steaming turd. Awful game. That fact has been acknowledged by almost everyone. Except fanboys like you funnily enough🙄

Atticus_finch230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

@yarbie Wow so we can undoubtedly expect more low quality titles from Ms. Makes it easy to skip the next Xbox at least.
I don't think the people asking for proof expected any lol.

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Sitdown231d ago

1) Thanks Captain Obvious....your first two sentences is logic for any company. 2)People liked Gears 3) They don't have to have the polish of a Sony releases, they just have to make games that people enjoy playing. 4) Please post the link regarding no AAA and simply acquiring them for Game Pass.

averagejoe26230d ago


Here you go. Read the article. They say they're focusing on games that'll be good for gamepass, which will differ from AAA titles.

Potnoodle999230d ago

God what’s wrong with you people 😂😂 raise your quality bar for the love of god it’s just depressing now. My expectation for quality is through the roof and Sony and ninty consistently reach or exceed it.... why do you accept this crap???

shaggy2303230d ago


Sony and Minty consistently read or exceed that bar?


I'll agree Sony and Nintendo do release exceptional games, but not consistently. Both of them release turds from time to time.

But I guess it's easier to forget about the bad games they both release.

Lord_Belasco231d ago

What exactly is your point?

zarbor231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

I can't disagree with your comment and neither can others if they are honest. I can't name one single player AAA title that is an Xbox1 exclusive that has gotten top reviews, awards, or considered one of the best games this generation. Don't look for any such game coming out this year either.

Now if you like MP games, you may find several that many consider mediocre but others may consider to be great. Since I prefer single player games, the Xbox1 has been a failure and I don't believe Spencer and MS has a clue. All the great vibes from the Xbox360 days are gone.

Remember those days it was mostly third party exclusives games that made the 360 great. Once MS stop getting those and it became fewer being more timed exclusives, they have not had an answer. The truth is, MS had not an cannot make those types of games. The studios they have bought does not elicit great confidence that will change. Only time will tell. However, the problem they face is that gamers like me, who supported the Xbox up to Xbox1X will be standing on the side taking a wait and see approach next gen.

MS is going to have a tough time convincing gamers to buy their new machine after the debacle of the Xbox1 launch to where we are today with the lack of great AAA titles. Their best hope is a Sony misstep as they did with the PS3.

PETE1985231d ago

Would love to see the source for the information regarding the AAA games. Can't find reference to that anywhere.

averagejoe26230d ago

Here you go


Xbox says they're making games that focus on gamepass quality, not AAA titles.

Livingthedream231d ago

Gears,halo,quantum break, sunset overdrive, inspire of what Sony fanboys say about state if Decay 2, it's a great game that people still play. Cup head was also solid. Halo wars 2 is great as well. There's plenty to play and more to come. Sony folks love their single player experiences so I understand that what MS brings wont really appeal to them, but that's why they own a ps4. No need to throw shade. IMO Sony doesnt have any great multiplayer games but it's all good.

Ricegum231d ago

Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Cuphead and State of Decay 2 are on PC so they're not actual exclusives.

This "Sony fans loves single player experiences" argument is a joke. Wasn't Fable single player? Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break? I'm sure a lot of MS fans would love a single player game of Sony's quality. They just haven't had any decent options.

"Sony doesnt have any great multiplayer games but it's all good."

Sony DOES have some decent multiplayer games, they just come in the form of multiplatform games, so there is no real need to focus on that, whereas Microsoft are really struggling for some decent single player games, exclusive or not.

Livingthedream230d ago

@ricegum you cant play these on playstation, and if you only own a playstation and are spending money on these games, then you're helping the MS cause. To your point just like there's plenty of multiplayer games available from third party developers same goes for single player games. The playstation has been the platform of choice since the PS2 releases, if Sony hadn't been so arrogant with their ps3 pricing they would have exceeded ps2 sales with the ps3. While I understand that Sony produces tons of great content, it's not the main reason the ps4 sits at top. The playstation brand is a monster, I've purchased more than one ps4 and know many others who have as well. I just think its laughable when people say xbox doesnt have exclusives.

averagejoe26230d ago

You need a playstation to play playstation exclusives.

You don't need an xbox to play xbox "exclusives"

Argument is over

Atom666231d ago

Their actual 1st party has been fairly decent as far as quality, but the quantity hasn't been there at all. I expect most of the new studios to churn out good quality next gen.

SoT is probably their only low scoring 1st party game, and that seems to have made great strides last year. It suffered from the GaaS pitfalls we've seen from others, but it seems to be a success. Everything else you listed was 2nd/3rd party. Poor funding and lack of oversight on those titles still fall on MS though.

It's a two-part process for them. They've acquired talent to at least greatly improve quantity. Hopefully they match and exceed the 85ish metacritic scores we've seen that Turn 10, 343, and Coalition have hit. That's only half of their shortfall though.

I think they still need strong 2nd/3rd party games. As you pointed out, Crackdown, Recore, etc., aren't on the same level as Spiderman, Bloodborne, etc. Hopefully they see improvements in that area too.

Vasto231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

See you at E3!

DaveZero231d ago

For one multiplayer releases are totally different to single player releases and content.

Your attack on MS is totally bull crap, Sony are good for there Singleplayer but they cant do multiplayer games at all very well. There are pros and cons of both machines and you failed to mention anything that sony do wrong. It must be great being on a site where you can vent your fanboy nonsense to other sony fanboys.

Atticus_finch230d ago

You're argument fails to consider that most PS4 exclusives have MP and also the fact that Ms seems to be the one that can't do MP or Sp.
Cons and pros do exist but don't compare one the best consoles ever made to the worst xbox ever made.

conanlifts230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

@atticu_finch "also the fact that Ms seems to be the one that can't do MP or Sp."

MS has released a limited number of games this gen, that's a known fact. But to say they can't do multiplayer is a huge leap. Halo 5 and gears 4 have phenomenal multiplayer gameplay. Halo 5 was let down by less than amazing single player game, it was good, but not amazing. But the multiplayer aspect was possibly the best in the series. The same with gears 4 , it has evolved since launch and is amazing. Sea of thieves as a game is also a good multiplayer, the issue is that it launched with almost no content. If it launched with the content it has today it would have been received a lot better.

conanlifts230d ago

Actually playground games second studio and the initiative are both working on AAA games. Not all are AA.

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Artemidorus231d ago

You can bet these game studios are working hard for next generation based consoles maybe an Xbox One X versions as that machine is still reasonably powerful for the lower end specs when we meet the new ones.

mkis007231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

if the devs have to make their games run on xbox one x then what kind of advancements are left behind that could have only been done on the anaconda?

With the rumor that they are making 2 different systems 1 lower powered than the other, I have to wonder if the devs will be able to show off compared to sony's rumored 1 console approach.

Anacondas extra power will seemingly be for upgrading the image quality rather than improving whats possible.

Fluttershy77231d ago

Oh my god, now is Anaconda? Really Anaconda?!!!

Artemidorus231d ago

Xbox One X would take the back seat.

Sony will always provide another console or updated one just later on.

starchild230d ago

This idea that less powerful hardware is going to hold back more powerful hardware within the same generation is mostly not true. In all but the most extreme cases games can simply be scaled up or down in graphical quality to meet performance targets on different hardware. Especially if the hardware has fundamentally the same architecture and only differs in performance.

For example, every single Sony exclusive or Microsoft exclusive this generation could have run on any decent PC, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One X. There's not a single game that wouldn't have worked across the range of that hardware.

Honestly, even if one piece of hardware had specific hardware to accelerate ray tracing or something along those lines the ones without the specialized hardware could probably still run the same games, they just wouldn't have ray tracing. This would mean a little bit more work for developers, but it's totally possible to do and it's pretty much a worse case scenario anyway.

It would be similar to how Metro Exodus on PCs with RTX graphics cards has ray traced global illumination and looks incredible, but PCs without RTX cards and Xbox One and PS4 can still run the game, they just use a different lighting implementation and it still looks pretty nice.

But if Microsoft or Sony do have multiple tiers of hardware it's probably going to use the same architecture anyway. The differences will come down to quality and performance not fundamental differences of kind. So one may use higher precision effects, more NPCs in a scene, more physics calculations or whatever, but the games will fundamentally work on multiple tiers of hardware.

DaveZero231d ago

any games coming out next gen will work on all hardware Microsoft put it on, it's just the graphics won't looks as good on something like an Xbox one compared to the X or next gen consoles.

obidanshinobi231d ago

And as all these games are releasing on PC too the next Xbox won't sell anywhere near the PS5's numbers.

shiva1231d ago

Bro i have two laptops which cant play forza, gears or halo, but my xbox one plays all three. So i have zero interest in building or improving current ones. Theres close to half bil PCs and i believe 90% cant play either... You can buy ps5 but dont bring the agenda point to every article that xbox is doomed as all MS games are on PC.

Stanjara231d ago

Yeap, but they don't care about Xbox sales. They want more users for their services Live, and Game pass. First it's PC, next is mobile and Switch.

Bane35231d ago

Hopefully Microsoft wont try to rush and give these studios as much time needed to make some really good games for Microsoft next gen Xbox

Potnoodle999230d ago

Unfortunately MS have proved they don’t hold games to the level of quality you should expect. They are for some reason just releasing either extremely average or totally awful games. It’s sad really...

Kiwi66230d ago

For a company that according to you only release extremely average or totally awful games then how come some of their games have won the top awards in the respective categories, for example Forza Horizon games won racing game of the year

lollord230d ago

Half will be closed by mid next gen. Microsoft only cares for money. Obsidian, playground, ninja theory. They will want to make games their way, but microsoft will force then to make budget AA games for their streaming/ gamepass services. It's been done before, and they will do it again. They are the devil of gaming, destroying everything fun for profit.

ElementX230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Even though it's been stated numerous times by both MS and those studios that they have creative control of their games? Try doing a little research before you make stupid comments.

"Fargo emphasized that inXile will continue to have creative control over the games it makes,"... "InXile isn't going to start producing big-budget games," They're going to keep doing what they're doing, which is AA games. Wasteland 2 was a great game, btw.

"Spencer Promises Acquired Studios Will Keep Creative Freedom"

averagejoe26230d ago

Except it's also been stated that these studios have been directed to make games of "gamepass" quality, not AAA quality.

They're getting creative freedom but still being told what quality of games they can make.


King_Noctis230d ago


Stop lying, in the article they said nothing of that sort.

King_Noctis230d ago

Why do you wish for these studios to get shut down this much? Your love for lord Sony knows no bound it seem.

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