New Xbox Experience: What You Want to Know - More Avatars

GamerScoreBlog writes:

"So, you've made your avatar and now you're wondering what to do with it. When the New Xbox Experience launches on Nov. 19, four existing Xbox LIVE Arcade games will be updated to include Avatar functionality to make your gaming even more personal. Join your friends and play UNO!, Bomberman Live, Hardwood Hearts and Hardwood Spades and watch your Avatar come to life with custom animations throughout game menus and lobbies. On top of that, a new Xbox LIVE Arcade title will also launch with fully playable in-game Avatars - the first title to ever launch with this feature on Xbox 360! (Stay tuned for more info about this game in the coming weeks). In addition to Xbox LIVE Arcade, Scene It? Box Office Smash will also incorporate your Avatar into gameplay. The game released on Oct. 28 - it will get a title update on Nov. 19 that will allow you to use your new Avatar."

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FBl4653d ago

Why did you deceive me into buying a Core model,only to have to now buy a Hard Disk in order to fully enjoy the NXE?I was not informed of this prior to my purchase of the Xbox 360,and now,I am being forced to spend more money than the retail asking price

I should have bought a Playstation 3,the only HiDefinition console in the marketplace that delivers AAA games like a Hospital delivers babies

Arsenic134652d ago

What else do you do with your sad excuse for a life? Is this ALL you do? At least play your PS3. Sounds like you wasted your money, if you spend more time here then on the item you praise.

Arsenic134652d ago

I hated this feature at first but its growing on me. I was a Mii artist, lets see if I can bring that skill here XD

cherrypie4652d ago

At 2:30 in that video, when they say "Photo Sharing App", what is that they are showing?

Little 3D houses and such -- is that the "photo sharing app"? If yes, it seems pretty cool.

I wonder if that is the beginning of a 3D-based community tool of some kind...