Kingdom Hearts 3 Sequel Pitch: What Could Happen Next?

Kingdom Hearts III is out, and even Tetsuya Nomura is out there talking about what's coming next. So we decided to have fun with it, and come up with a Kingdom Hearts 3 sequel pitch of our own.

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FallenAngel1984939d ago

Now people won’t stop talking about KH4 now

thatguyhayat939d ago

The way it ended you cant blame them but toook early to think about it now

FallenAngel1984939d ago

I said people would ask “where’s KH4?” the second KH3 releases and articles like this prove that

AK91939d ago

According to Noumra he is going to be focusing on DLC for a while, similar how KH1 and 2 had remix editions in Japan.