Is Dead or Alive 6 still overly sexualised?

TSA writes: "It’s fair to say that Dead or Alive has garnered a certain reputation as one of the sillier fighting game series out there. Its bouncy brand of bikini-clad brawling has been with us for more than twenty years now and while it may not have same sway as titans such as Street Fighter or Tekken, Dead or Alive has never been too far away from the spotlight."

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anonymousfan782d ago

oh please stop censoring our games, let them be, if you don't like that genre don't buy it! I don't play dark souls games because I suck at it and dying a million times is not my thing... doesn't mean I have to kick and scream until they are given an easy mode!? Don't like, don't buy and don't spoil it for the rest of us.

n1kki6782d ago

Totally agree, lets all just let devs make the games they want. If you don't like it don't buy it. Pretty simple. But have a kid fit trying to get it censored is dumb AF.

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LOLcheeseORZ781d ago

If only the media had common sense like you.

wwinterj781d ago

I agree with you "anonymousfan". Too many people think everything has to cater to them these days. That's not how life works nor should it. Everyone is different and everyone likes different things. Providing it's legal I've no issue even if I like or dislike it. More importantly though devs should be allowed to create a game they want and the same can be said for movies without feeling the need to bend over for people who probably wouldn't buy the game in the first place.

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Kashima782d ago

The world is so sensitive, keep crying feminists

purple101782d ago

I like your style!

women want the door held open for them, but also want equal pay!

piss off to Japan or almost all Eastern countries where women hold the door open for the men!

JackBNimble782d ago (Edited 782d ago )

I've actually been told that holding a door open for women could be considered sexiest and offensive by some women and not to do that anymore.
No joke ... this really happened.

I am Canadian

rainslacker782d ago

I hold the door open for anyone, male or female, if I happen to be opening the door, and they are entering or leaving. I was just raised to be polite by my mother, and that's always been considered to be a polite thing to do. I never understood why people would be upset over someone being polite. It doesn't mean that I'm sexist or chauvinistic, although I'm often prone to bouts of romanticism, which I find more women like that kind of thing, because it's not as common as it used to be.

Interesting fact. the reason this became a custom was due to womens clothing often not making it as easy to open a door. Women don't wear such fanciful clothing anymore though. When it comes to more modern times, it's a throwback to this tradition, coupled with some chauvinistic tendencies, but for car doors in particular, it gave the woman a chance to fix her clothing after she got in the car, or "fix" her hair or make up, which in itself could still be seen as a misogynist tendency, but it is what it is.

That said, if you are with a woman that doesn't like such things, and actually gets upset if you are polite, then maybe evaluate if they're worth the trouble. People who get too worked up over simple things tend to have a lot more drama in their life, and they will probably like you less as time goes on and you start to become immune to trying to impress them by agreeing with everything they say.

InKnight7s782d ago

What a great lady that hold the door for the love of her life whether its her father or husband. And what a great man that hold the door for love of his life whether daughter, Mother or wife.

Have some self esteem, openning a door or closing it for your lovers never and ever relate to weakness. It is absurd, how world now a day want to eliminate all morals and good altitudes factors in favor of femininity and whatsoever.

jznrpg782d ago (Edited 782d ago )

Eh I try to hold the door open for everyone it’s just a common courtesy . Now trying to make this game something it’s not is ridiculous

Knushwood Butt781d ago

Women don't hold the door open for men in Japan.

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VenomUK782d ago (Edited 782d ago )

TheSixthAxis - if you don’t like it don’t play it. This is the sixth game in the series so you can’t pretend to be surprised by the content.

Fritzwochel781d ago

The problem isn't feminism per se. I'm all for equality and shit -- the problem arises when they go overboard & wanna reduce the male to something sexless and deprive him of his rights. Feminists are all about sexual freedom, but on their terms. E.g. they don't want the guys to have access to porn - they want to starve the males of it so that they can use their sexuality as a means of control. Examples are video games such as DoA and Senran Kagura. A lot of people lack purpose in life, but these women has found the true puropse of existense - the fight against exposing men to cleavage and jiggle physics! XD

BuildTheWall781d ago

I am NOT for equality , I believe in treating people based ONLY on their behavior , attitude , work ethic & work efficiency , regardless of their race , sexual preferences , gender or religious beliefs.

WitcheRivia782d ago

I don't know. Why don't you buy this $92.99 Season Pass to find out?


carcarias781d ago

Holy crap, that's some expensive season pass!

CrimsonWing69782d ago

Who cares!? if it offends you play one of the many other fighters out on the market. Not everything has to be catered to your sensibilities. There should be games allowed to be "sexy" and games that don't want it. We don't need fu**ing stories about is X game overly sexualized. If you're offended by it you probably didn't care about the series to begin with.

ziratul782d ago

I wouldn't play it without bouncing boobs ffs.

ThunderGod_Cid781d ago (Edited 781d ago )

Yeah, as much as I love the DOA series, they still bent the knee to SJWs and shrunk the characters bust size and removed most of the bounce in DOA 6. Which is why Soul Calibur VI got my money this time around.

ChrisW781d ago

Personally, I think they made it more realistic. In DOA5LR all of the female characters, except for Marie Rose, had nearly identical bust size. Sure Ayane, Hitomi, Kasumi, Pai Chan, and Leifang were kind of slightly smaller than the others, but they were still out of proportion.

BTW, I'm glad Nico in DOA6 doesn't have over-inflated funbags.

As for the super jiggles, I always set it to "Natural"... and sometimes even then it'd be a little too much.