No Amount of Patches Could Make 'Anthem' Fun to Play

Wired: Despite coming from a great developer, the game is a big disappointment.

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Gamingsince19811372d ago

Well yeah, it says right there "opinion piece"

It's the same opinion of most people that have played the game too, even if 5 people like it there are another 50 that don't pretty much.

Traecy1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

So. Those "another 50" are opinions not initial concrete FACTS. I'm having fun playing Anthem & that's a (my) fact.

Elwenil1372d ago

Another 50 that don't like when out of that 50 probably only 5 of them have actually played the game.

starchild1372d ago

I think that's a huge exaggeration. But even if it were true it wouldn't turn those people's opinions into facts.

If you polled a room full of 5,000 people and 3,500 of them said they prefer blondes it wouldn't mean that blondes are objectively better than brunettes, nor would it mean that those who prefer some other hair color are wrong.

The same thing applies when it comes to games.


And where are you getting your numbers from? You got some sort of link backing up your claim with facts?

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JackBNimble1371d ago

So you know the opinion of most people who play the game?

Guys like you crack me up especially when you pull bs numbers out of your ass to back up your stupid claim.

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neutralgamer19921372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

It's not about can they fix it more like will they simply give up like EA did with mass effect which sold much better

Any game can be fixed to make it fun so I don't agree. Today the original destiny, division and no man sky etc, are much better and more fun games than they were at launch. It will take time these GAAS games are worth playing after about 12-15 months after launch because that's when they are really ready to launch and have enough content

RabbitFly1371d ago

Everything is opinion when one talks about potential fun of any activity as it is 100% subjective..

The question is: Can you, or anyone really, that thinks the game is fun come up with an objective argument as to why you subjectively find it fun?

Because I have yet to find one, and I can come up with several objectively based arguments that supports my subjective opinion. Mostly down to how the game mechanicly plays. Now that doesn't change the fact that fun is subjective and entirely beholden to the eye of the beholder, but I am just curious.

If opinion is so worthless in your eyes, why are you even here?

Atanasrikard1371d ago

Actually, if you look at most reviews they say that mechanically the game plays great. The flying and fighting is solid and smooth. Most people have issues with the lack of content, load screens, weapon differentiation, some bugs that need fixing, etc.
If someone can have fun playing a game like Apex Legends, why can't the same be said of Anthem? It's interesting the different standards that are applied to certain games. Loading screens aside, the gameplay of Anthem is solid and as a fan of looter type games (Borderlands, Diablo) I am having quite a bit of fun with the game.

RabbitFly1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

@atanasrikard citing someone elses opinion is not an objectively grounded argument though.

I can f. Ex. Say that i find the gameplay boring because i don't like the shooting mechanics. That would be an opinion.

But I could also say that the shooting mechanics are lacking in visceral feedback compared to most compareative titles. I. E. Most Guns shoot like laser pellet Guns and enemies are only in game lifebars.

The mission design and enemy placement also rarely forces you to adapt your playstyle. Making most encounters into finding the high ground and camping out the waves og enemies.

These are some objective observations that inform my opinion as to why I find it boring. Effectively it makes me feel like it plays like a dated action game, not an action game, nor an rpg.

When you compare that to Destiny's visceral gunplay or the divisions tactical use of cover, you get an experience that feels lacking in the current loot grinder climate.

So what objective observations inform your opinion?

Dragonscale1371d ago

Sometimes opinions are good, they can save me spending 60 bux on mediocrity as in this case.

FPS_D3TH1371d ago

Overwhelming majority of opinions

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Christopher1371d ago

I'm only just started, but, man, this game feels like molasses compared to Destiny and Division. Lots of loading, very bloated NPC conversations that are pretty meaningless and not story relevant, mission designs that have you fly for a while from one spot to another to fight enemies.

I hope it gets better, because so far it's not 'fun'. It's got a ton of potential with a new class system and a good set of differing abilities, but it's held back by artificial inflation of time for something that is designed to be a grind game as it is, which means lots of action with comparable loot potential, not less action as a means to further control loot.

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drunkenspy0071371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

And a very popular opinion at that.

DrumBeat1371d ago

You're way too protective when it comes to this game's reputation. The court of public opinion is pretty firm on the matter of Anthem, and you ARE an outlier.

Hey, enjoy the game if you can, but you're not doing anyone (especially yourself) any favors.

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Rachel_Alucard1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

They can't fix anything that's part of the initial design of the game where the game is worse at. Like the story and characters, or the fact that all loot is boring filler that offers no cosmetic changes while cosmetics are locked behind insane grind and the instanced areas can't ever be changed out. Only a sequel could fix it.

Elwenil1372d ago

Never saw a Mastercraft, eh?

LordoftheCritics1372d ago

Just a decal on a regular weapon.

Elwenil1372d ago


Pretty much like 90% of the other games with guns as loot. Change the color, graphic, maybe the sight or magazine, etc. At the end of the day, it's totally unimportant when you can't really see much detail when you are playing. It's the damage and how it operates that is important and they distinguish themselves pretty well in that respect. There are a lot of small changes and performance between an Armalite AR10 and an AR15, but visually they are the same to most people.

Rachel_Alucard1372d ago

When I refer to loot I'm speaking of the armor parts, the weapons are a given. At least destiny had a system like this.

yomfweeee1372d ago

Could you milennials have survived prior generations where you didn't get any cosmetics?

Ivm not defending this game, but you're crying that you can get different weapons, but not different colors.

Rachel_Alucard1372d ago

I grew up with an SNES and genesis before going to PS1 and that is not the point here. Once you introduce an industry standard like autosave, moving both joysticks to aim and move, and progression. You don't just remove them, then fall back to "Well in previous generations..." this is not the previous generations. This is a big AAA project with millions behind it, and the fact they lock appearance options and progression behind a boring game and grind when that is the goal of the game is why it's bad.

UltraNova1372d ago


I like your comment but it doesn't mean its correct. You are comparing actual industry evolution, like autosave and they way we play games, literally via our controllers and how they were updated into the great ergonomics devices we enjoy today and even enhance (in some cases) the way we play to inconsequencial, devoid of any functionality cosmetics... clearly you can see the flaw in your comment, right?

Rachel_Alucard1372d ago


I'm comparing a lackluster progression system that has unsatisfying loot, in a game that is sold as a shoot n loot. That should be the part that does well right? Lack of appearance options is just icing on the cake. Besides everything Bioware has been sold over the decades as being pros at they failed miserably with in here.

Christopher1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

Man, we should totally go back to the old days and not base the game on modern-day standards.

But, hey, let's make it about Millennials as well, because those young people just don't understand how to compare the game they're playing now to the game they were playing two months ago.

Look, no one is "crying" here, it's complaints. Otherwise aren't you just as much crying in your response? Don't belittle the conversation.

Furthermore, people aren't complaining about different colors but the actual looks of weapons which includes colors. Just look at Destiny 1 and 2 and weapon look diversity within a specific type of weapons. There is obviously a massive difference between the two, and Destiny allows you to change the color of your weapons as well from the outset.

yomfweeee1371d ago

I wasn't aware that modern day standards demand that all games have cosmetics, let alone cosmetics that you can easily get. So, yes, you're acting entitled because a game doesn't have cosmetics.

5 years ago, you grinded these games without needing cosmetics. You'd play Halo or Call of Duty for hundreds of hours and have fun. I wasn't aware those games had all kinds of different looking weapons (they didn't).

So, yes, I will indeed make fun of millennials (which I am myself) and them thinking they deserve everything for free and without effort.

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Dissidia1370d ago

The grind is not insane. You're making it seem like Battlefront II, stop.

Dark_Knightmare21372d ago

Good thing the game is already fun to play

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Spenok1372d ago

Yeah, this opinion piece is rather hilarious.... ly wrong.

ossyc1372d ago

I agree, love the game

Daeloki1371d ago

Agreed, I'm having fun with it, and the fact that matchmaking never takes more than a few seconds, suggests that there are plenty of others who enjoy it too

1371d ago
Chuuzuu1371d ago

I enjoy playing the game myself. The only thing that I could fault it for (in my opinion) is that there are way too many long loading times. I enjoy the gunplay and the world, enjoying the story too. But like everyone else here, it's my opinion.

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RPGer1372d ago

I saw a lot of reviews and played the beta. The gameplay is super fun, the mechanic are awesome, and flying is the best ever, however, the problem is how the overall experience is underwhelming because of the mediocrity of EA, because of the loading screen, because of a lot of technical issues. Whenever they fix these issues, I think Anthem will become a good game.

Germaximus1372d ago

This is all untrue. The game is really good. It's not even the tiniest bit mediocre.

peppeaccardo1372d ago

What about releasing a patch which won't let you start the game, hence you will have to play something else ... more fun !! No ?

TK-661372d ago

Couldn't wait 15 mins, lol? If you can't handle a patch then I don't know how you survive install times.

peppeaccardo1372d ago

I had great hopes for this games as I am playing Tom Glancy Wildlands with a group of friends and we wanted a new coop game to play together. However all the negative reviews, the repetitive gameplay and glitches have brought this game down to its knees. Too bad ....