Anthem still has a path to greatness despite early reviews

CNET: As the tepid reviews rolled in after launch, I understood where people were coming from, but I couldn't square them with my experience.

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PeaSFor1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

"We have a total flop on our hands, how do we fix it?!?! Oh I know, lets ban the few people that are actually playing our turd and advertising it to others over bullshit reasons!"

Retroman1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

That is Exactly what happened.
now Ea trying to Savage the game with "Athem still have a path to Greatness" we all know athem Flopped.......... let's face reality ,it has a bad rating, YouTubers bashing it severely. Ea dropped it for Apex legends less than a month after release.

on_line_forever1378d ago

Nothing great from greedy EA

-Foxtrot1379d ago

You can not fix will be dead long before it becomes a anything like a decent game.

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GHOSTxx4201378d ago

Foxtrot. It doesnt but my question is how does rdr get constant 10s but its a broken game? You know the online is broken hdr depth of field is broken but yet still got 10s. Anthem isnt even half as bad as people say but yet gets everything under a 5 just because its ea. Same thing happened with fallout 76.

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Smclaren19851378d ago

There is a diff between broken hdr and game breaking bugs like crashing and resetting all your data or whole story points being missed entirely , red dead is one of the most polished products out there so your comparison doesn’t make sense

shadowraiden1377d ago

erm because the reviews were on the singleplayer in which it yes is a 9 or 10/10 game. nobody buys those games for multiplayer they are an extra thing

Anthem is a mess every single mechanic in it is broken and those who try to actually play a loot game like you would get banned.
in order to get the game it should have been you will end up spending $200 and will take another 2 years well i say will but i doubt EA will fund this flop anymore.

loot is mind numbingly boring like some of the worst in any looter game ive ever seen, there are less missions and area's then Destiny 1 which launched a long time ago and has 10x more content now. its like if Destiny 1 launched with 1 world and you could argue even the beta for Destiny 1 had more things to do as it had 2 non story strikes in the beta alone. oh whats that Anthem has 1 stronghold(strike) that isnt a story mission in the full game like really.

loading screens are a mess, loot mechanics are a mess lets force players through 10 different menu's and screens to see that item they picked up only to then it being useless loot 99% of the time.
there are so many issues built into the design of anthem that it cannot be fixed without a complete overhaul and even then im not sure it can be fixed especially considering this is EA so huge doubts they will fund the overhaul needed.

GHOSTxx4201378d ago

Zod187 I definitely enjoyed 76 and anthem more then rdr2

AspiringProGenji1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

I love it when apologists suddenly enjoy broken games more than great and complete experiences as way to defend their purchase

GHOSTxx4201378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Mclaren1985 na red dead was so broken it wasnt even funny guess you didnt buy it day one. And for the hdr its more then that, regardless for me turning hdr off did nothing it was still blurry. Which in 2018 is unacceptable hell horizon zero dawn makes rdr look like a ps3 game

starchild1378d ago

None of the opinions of any of you are facts. Quit treating them like they are.

-Foxtrot1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Considering the majority of people saying the game is boring, bland, broken and full of cut shit from the first bunch of trailers for this game...I kind of feel some of them are facts

We get it starchild, with every single reply to me now over the many months, you don't like me, we get it, just hit the block button will you. I could say the sky is blue and you'd find a way to get p***** off at me. "bu bu but foxtrot..."

Oh and you tell me off for acting like what I say is "facts" yet your comments defending the game saying shit below about Bloodborne is doing THE EXACT SAME THING

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LoveSpuds1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

It simply isnt good enough, and should not be justified by reviewers or consumers , for games to be released in an unfinished state. This kind of article just lets EA off the hook, I hope the game fails miserably, it's just a shame Bioware are caught up in this mess.

starchild1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

What's unfinished about the game? You can play it from beginning to end and it has as much content as most games. Annoying bugs? Lots of games have them. Didn't you say Bloodborne was one of your favorite games? It had serious framepacing issues that some could call unfinished. I really disliked the framepacing issues but I still loved the game. Isn't it conceivable that some people may enjoy what Anthem currently offers despite its negatives?

Nacho_Z1378d ago

I never had any issues with frame rates in Bloodborne. From games aren't the smoothest out there but it doesn't affect enjoyment of the game because it doesn't affect gameplay. Therefore not unfinished.

AspiringProGenji1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

That was just one part of the game that would suffer from that frame pacing the most. The rest was pretty much solid. Nothing major like resetting your entire progress and game breaking bugs.

Besides Bloodborne was a much more better designed game. Even the Chalice dungeons wer better and more rewarding than just three stupid stronholds that reuse assets from the already meh campaign. And don’t get me started on the amazing Old Hunters DLC... much better than the roadmap of Anthem which consists of Cosmetics and QoL changes mostly

LoveSpuds1378d ago

I am glad you like the game, really I am, but it is clear that the game has been pushed out the door as early on as is possible with the aim of building out the content later on. Nonetheless, I hope you continue to enjoy Anthem as well as the future content squire.

As somebody who grew up playing games throughout the 70s and 80s I was raised on games with poor technical performance so maybe I have a higher tolerance for frame rates/pacing, but I personally had zero complaints about bloodborne matey.

-Foxtrot1378d ago

Oh come off it...

How can you say this is a finished game

Yeah it's there from start to finish but it's missing SO MANY THINGS

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Smclaren19851378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

I would have a agreed with this because a was actually having a blast with it until I came across some sort of bug the resets my tomb data 5 times it has reset so because of this I got fed up with it one day it will be really good yes. Those of you in the comments below stop comparing red dead 2 to anthem it’s a (live service game) red dead 2 has two components a full blown single player experience that one hell of a game and the online line part which isn’t up to much if u ask me but as a game there completely diff both in type and quality. Anthem has so much potential yes and when it works it’s a lot of fun but it’s just that when it works it still has a lot of game breaking bugs which just shouldn’t make it into the full product it’s really annoyed me clbecause I couldn’t believe how much better the game was compared to what the critics said but then I didn’t play the early access version which people paid extra money for remember and got a much more broken game to what we are playing now.

AK911378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

That is possible but the continuing of trend of releasing games as unfinished broken Alpha’s is not a practice that should be continued. Every game should be worth the price at launch with the additional content meant to supplant the initial experience not make the game worth buying in the first place.

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