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John said: "Remember when games were good if you had fun playing them?"

pandehz1670d ago

Pretty bad, whatever these other people tell you.

starchild1670d ago

No, the truth is, it's not as good nor as bad as people say. The question of how good it is, how fun it is to play, is something that is only answered in the minds of human beings. The goodness or badness has no objective reality.

If one person, like the reviewer above, thinks a game is good it's subjective, right? Just his opinion. And the same would be true if a person dislikes a game. So if you collect a number of opinions together they do not become a fact, they remain opinions.

Thomaticus1670d ago

The specific issues raised by the reviewers are facts. (load times, repetitiveness, pricing for content, etc).

starchild1670d ago

The length of the load times are facts. They can be measured and independently verified. But the degree to which they bother someone is subjective.

To draw a comparison, we can measure the fact that Bloodborne has framepacing issues. It's objective. It can be measured and independently verified. But the degree to which the framepacing bothers people varies. Should it take off a point, three points, a half point, or none? It's going to depend on the person.

As for repetitiveness, all games are repetitive to a certain degree. How repetitive is Anthem in terms of enemy variety, gameplay variety and environments compared to other games? Has this been measured or quantified? And even if it has, people's subjective reaction to the repetitiveness is still going to vary a lot.

When it comes to how much content a game should have there simply is no standard. I've bought games that only gave me an 8 hour campaign, but I've bought other games like The Witcher 3 that took me hundreds of hours to complete. Should shorter games be automatically docked points since they don't provide the amount of content other games do? Should longer games automatically get extra points for having more content? Doesn't what really matter is whether you are enjoying yourself and whether it is worth it to YOU? Anthem's campaign lasts from between 20 to 30 hours, which isn't a short game by any means anyway.

My interest isn't really in defending Anthem specifically. I've barely played my friend's PC copy. Not enough to have any strong opinions about the game. This happens to be an important issue for the gaming community as a whole. In fact, it's an important thing for the world overall. So many of the problems and general chaos in the world have always been caused by people who think their subjective opinions do represent objective facts and who therefore feel justified to attempt to force it on others.

TheSaint1670d ago

Not bad but not good either. Just meh.

tontontam01670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Yeah I can say that to any game ever made and will ever be made. no matter how much the game sucks there will always be someone who will enjoy it but that does not make it a good game.

Veneno1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

It seems the trendy thing right now is to like games that are mediocre in order to stand out. As if they had any kind of stake being the only gamers with horrible taste to like a mediocre game.

Ricegum1670d ago

I agree. Although, it's also a trend right now to hate everything popular in order to look a little edgy.

However, in this case this though, I think Anthem is a very disappointing game.

starchild1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Likewise, there will always be some people who dislike a game, but that doesn't make it a bad game. Whether a game is good or bad is something that is decided in the mind of each individual that plays it. It's subjective. It doesn't become an objective fact just because a lot of people think it, or even if a majority think it. Besides, who has taken a poll of every single gamer alive who has played a game to find out what the true majority think? Not that it would change anything. But we're only talking about a subset of gamers in most cases to begin with.

tontontam01670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Nope it is not subjective ,it is a bad game. the only part that is subjective is whether you enjoy mindless shooting and looting or not.

starchild1670d ago

No, opinions about art and entertainment are always subjective.

Questions like "what is the molecular makeup of water?" have an objective, factual answer. Questions about how fun an activity is have only subjective answers. Learn the difference.

tontontam01670d ago

I'd understand if this was a piece of painting.
don't bring your artsy fartsy elitist thinking into this.

starchild1670d ago


I'm elitist? You're the one trying to shove your opinion down other people's throat.

Videogames are art, in my opinion. But whether they are art or merely entertainment one's opinions about how good they are is subjective.

Even the critic reviews for the most part don't say it is a "bad game". Most of the scores have been in the average range. But here you are trying to force your opinion that it's a bad game on everyone else.

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Findingcrybabies1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Hey lets go against the grain to stand out no matter how much we bs people! Gimmie clicks oooooh im special!

Anyone who is objective and looks at this game and what they sold people on release day can look at this writer and website and write it off as worthless. RIP Bioware. I would take my time on DA4 cuz after that you're done. Hate to say it too because I was a HUGE Bioware fan.

bujasem_891670d ago

I might try anthem like I tried Destiny, but I honestly think these games belong in the next generation where they can do something special with them involving a group in mind. However, from where I stand Anthem comes from a good place, a group of people in a tight flight of fight situation pouting their hearts into an ambitious project againgst EA. Good luck to them.

ossyc1670d ago

Don't listen to the hate, I fkn love the game

UnHoly_One1670d ago

Yup, best new game I’ve played in a long time.

Codewow1670d ago

More variety than The Division 1 had. With way more mobility. Which makes it 100x better. They just have some stuff to flesh out and end game content to add. Otherwise it’s actually really enjoyable.