Obsidian's CEO On Microsoft's Purchase And The Outer Worlds' Future

Game Informer: Watch our interview with Feargus Urquhart on the state of the studio and their "three-ish" games currently in production.

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SegaSaturn6691552d ago

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzz

pietro12121552d ago

Shaping up to be one of the best RPGs to come out this gen.

SegaSaturn6691551d ago

Then why have I never heard of it? And don't bring up my fuckin autism

No Way1551d ago

Because, uuuuuh. You haven't read about it, yet? idk.

1551d ago
Masterchief_thegoat1552d ago

Hopefully ms gets the w. Lately is L after L

NarutoFox1552d ago

The Outer Worlds would have been a good first party exclusive for Xbox. I'm sure if they ever make a sequel it will probably be an Xbox exclusive

Wolffenblitz1552d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

No thanks. making this Xbox Exclusive would be a huge mistake.

TK-661551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )


I agree with you! God of War 4 for PC/Xbox/Switch now, yes? Lol.

The reality is what we're likely going to see is that if this does well and MS requests a sequel that the NATIVE version will be exclusive to Xbox and PC. With the recent rumors of GP on Switch its possible that we'll see a stream-able version there. The only way we'll see a sequel on PS4 would be if Sony gives in to GP on their system but that's incredibly unlikely seeing as they won't even allow EA Access on the system.

BizarroUltraman1551d ago

They will be exclusive to Xbox platforms and services........

so yeah it won't be hahahaha...

Go Xbox GOOOO! 😂

1551d ago
BeOpenMinded1551d ago

There was a job posting describing a new multiplat RPG. I think most if not all of these news studios will be multiplat

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Masterchief_thegoat1552d ago

Sod2 L and Crackdown 3 L. M$ Needs a W. beside the big three. Gears, halo and forza

Livingthedream1551d ago

SOD2 is great, WTF are you talking about. Crackdown is crackdown that was never on the halo or gears level.

BizarroUltraman1551d ago

I don't think its been L after L. Somethings have worked, some have not.

mark_parch1551d ago

I enjoyed sod2 but it could have been so much better. needs loads more polish. I also really enjoyed crackdown 3 but only for a week. There's no way crackdown 3 is worth $60.

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InTheZoneAC1552d ago

so they're going to repeat the fallout-esque favoritism on xbox and ps will get the dlcs a year late? Remind me to buy this game then when the GotY edition comes out and is $30.

EDKICK1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Hardcore Gamers: Where are all the SP focused new IP?!?!?
Also gamers: find literally any possible reason to leave a comment saying "remind me to buy the goty edition like a year later once it's half off"

I wonder why games like this aren't selling like they should and thus not getting made???

Wolffenblitz1551d ago

They would sell like they should if there's no favoritism on which platform they're released on.

No Way1551d ago

Wolf - what game doesn't now a days? lol. PS4 has gotten favoritism for Call of Duty. Besides, if they are going to be bought by MS - why not? Might as well start off nicely with your new boss.

shinoff21831551d ago

It happens, they got greedy, I for one wont fall for the greed. I will buy my physical copy when a disc is released with all dlc included. They wanna play then I wont until then. Except xcom I bought xcom 2 at release beat it sold it and re bought when the complete edition came out. Xcom is just to good to wait imo.

Specter2291552d ago

Did you complain when Destiny did the same thing?

Araragifeels 1551d ago

But it wasn't even worth the timed exclusive since Destiny suck so Xbox players save themselves from horrible dlc.

InTheZoneAC1551d ago

what expansion came out a year late for xbox? oh that's right, none

1551d ago
timotim1551d ago

Wow...for starters, we don't know that, we didn't hear a peep outta you when Destiny and CoD released DLC on PS first...why the concern now?

InTheZoneAC1551d ago

1. I'm most likely buying the game regardless day 1 for ps4.
2. No expansion on destiny came out a year later, it was the same for all consoles.
3. IDGAF about CoD. It happened for years on xbox, then ps gets a sample size and you want to assume I'm one sided on this?

timotim1551d ago

Ninja...wrong is wrong, not just when it benefits Microsoft. You said nothing this whole time, it's only now that you assume they will do timed DLC (that you have no proof of btw) that you want to take the "ambassador for all gamers" position...please.

shinoff21831551d ago

Because as a single game player I dont give a damn about online games.

rainslacker1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Outer World is not being published by MS, so if there is DLC planned, the publisher is probably already in contract with Obsidian for that as well. I believe Take Two is publishing it. I can't imagine they'd let MS circumvent a potential revenue stream from them without compensation.

Future games I don't know about. Depends on who owns the IP, or if T2 has first publishing rights.

Stay-Toasty1551d ago

I'm personally extremely sad to see that Obsidian was purchased my MS because I only play on Ps4(no hate on Xbox, just my preference)Unfortunately Obsidian wasnt doing that great and The Outer Wilds was kind of all or nothing for them and probably would have been their last game if it failed even though I hope it doesnt. So they they probably made the the tough decision to give up independence in order to keep the studio going just in case it failed because new IPs are extremely risky. And Im sure MS saw all the requests they had for a New Vegas sequel and MS pounced when they found out that's pretty much what they were making. So i don't think anyone is playing favorites, just a practical business decision.

mark_parch1551d ago

That's exactly why I want game pass on ps5. I could play nearly every game on one console.

InTheZoneAC1551d ago

@shaggy, stupid troll the expansion released worldwide on current platforms on the same day stupid *****

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Ninver1552d ago

Guess I'll wait for goty complete edition with all dlcs at half price or less.

dreamoner1551d ago

How did this interview made you make up your mind as such? Since there is no talk of DLCs(exlcusive or otherwise) and whatnot...

Swiftfox1551d ago

It's the age we live in. The studio was bought out by a "AAA" company and part of that means an increased chance of "AAA" tactics. Special Editions, season passes, dlc, and microtransactions are all a real possibility and you only have to look at "We Happy Few" as example. Gearbox acquired the team behind the game and in not time jumped the $40 price to $60 and announced a "collectors edition". The "AAA" market place just can't help itself.

Ninver1550d ago

@Swiftfox explained it quite well.

Hardiman1552d ago

So I'll just wait. No problem!

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