Halo Infinite's Long Development Explained, 343 Considered Doing a “Halo 5.5” on Xbox One

Halo fans haven’t got a new game since 2015’s Halo 5: Guardians, and, unfortunately, the next game in the series won’t be here for some time yet. Halo Infinite has been announced, but the game is currently without a release date – it likely won’t arrive until 2020, at the earliest. So, what’s the holdup exactly?

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Fluttershy771915d ago

Oh please no... Don't release a Halo 5.5 that would be lazy... Do it the right way; It can't be that hard, it is an awesome franchise... Stay away from the easy path: treat the IP with respect, don't try to over milk it, take good care of all the aspects that make a great game (all of them not just the ones you think will give you money). Don't try to make just another generic sci-fy shooter; try to blow everyone's mind... Because that was Halo in the past: the best damn game I've ever experienced... That should be your goal

Kribwalker1915d ago

Luckily if you read the article you would see they didn’t want to do that in the end

““When we [released] Halo 5, there were talks about, could we get another Halo out in two years? So, we did look at, I’d call it a ‘Halo 5.5,’ or a ‘Halo 6 ODST’ type of thing. A smaller game. We just investigated. Phil and I had a really good discussion on, ‘Where do we want Halo to go?’ If we really want Halo to be something for the next 10, 20 years, we have to do the work. If you want another game, we can do that, but […] my concern was, if you did something like that, I don’t think Halo would do well after that. You can’t put out a half-baked game”

Fluttershy771915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Yeah I did read that.
I wonder what Ross thinks about Halo 5?
Do you think when he said that to Phil he felt that Halo 5 was a half-baked game?, That 343 somehow endangered the franchise, and that they definitely could not repeat the same mistake in the future?

Rude-ro1915d ago

Reading words has less to do with reality when it comes to Microsoft.
Crackdown 3 was delayed to ensure the best product they could provide... and look at that winner.
What OP is saying is the very plea from all the fans. Done right, consoles will sell. The franchise is special, or was as of late. Take it back. Make a campaign worthy of another console push like with the 360. That’s what we all want. Fans or anti fans alike can not argue against a well made halo.
The faith in Microsoft is the issue per their action and over use of words.

zeetheron1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Bonnie Ross is not a he. "Yeah I did read that. 
I wonder what Ross thinks about Halo 5? 
Do you think when he said that to Phil he felt that Halo 5 was a half-baked game?, That 343 somehow endangered the franchise, and that they definitely could not repeat the same mistake in the future?" Maybe read a little more?

Zeref1915d ago

"it can't be that hard"

….Has never developed a game before^

1915d ago
spicelicka1915d ago

Honestly I wouldn't have minded Halo 5.5 as long as Halo 6 was still being worked on at the same pace with the same resources, meaning they have a separate studio do something like ODST 2. Only because I can only live without Halo was for so long and the drought is killing mee.

"Because that was Halo in the past: the best damn game I've ever experienced"


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EddieNX 1915d ago

Not even bored of Halo 5s multiplayer yet. It's the shooting game for me.

KaiPow1915d ago

Yeah, gimme more forge stuff in 5 and I'll be happy for another couple years

TK-661915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

The multiplayer in 5 did a lot of good for the series. The issue is the campaign right now. What we need is a blend of the story telling in Halo 2: Anniversary/Halo Wars 2 with the level design of Halo 3 and we'll have one of the best FPS shooter campaigns of the generation.

EddieNX 1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Agreed. I mean it's entertaining on legendary and what not but it's not as good as past campaigns so I hope they get that right!! The multiplayer is so good though.

The multiplayer in 5 is 10/10
The campaign is 7.5/10

EddieNX 1915d ago

Ricegum , sorry for expressing my love for Halo in a Halo article , how in appropriate of me!!!

Halo is the sole reason I chose Xbox over PlayStation this gen.

timotim1915d ago

Halo 5's MP is one of the best MP games of the generation...easy. That's saying something considering all the MP battle royal games that have caught fire recently.

EddieNX 1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Absolutely , the gameplay is quite simply perfect and imo, better than every other shooter. I love.the ridiculous variety of weapons on warzone.

It looks truly gorgeous on the X at native 4K 60FPS HDR also!

crazyCoconuts1915d ago

How is the warzone stuff faring? Still active and popular vs. the standard arena matches? I played for a few months after launch but don't have it anymore.

EddieNX 1915d ago

I'm not struggling to find any, even ranked at my high level. There still must be hundreds of thousands playing, it is Halo after all...

danny8181915d ago

i consider it one of the best in the series! so much fun and competitive even till this day

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PhoenixUp1915d ago

I’d hate for them to take so long to develop this game and it doesn’t end up being the best Halo game of all time undisputedly

TK-661915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Hate to break it to you but no game in any major series is the best of all time "undisputedly".

Sherif1291915d ago

Call of Duty 4 would like to disagree with your statement.

TK-661914d ago


You think I can't find a number of people that disagree with you? Here's one list that disagrees with you: https://uk.ign.com/articles...

Hardly undisputed if one article and its comment section are all I need to back up my statement.

StrengthInNumbers1915d ago

the length of development does not determine how good a game'll turn out to be

Xb1ps41915d ago

No it doesnt.. but it at the very least shows promise by them taking the needed extra effort.

King_Noctis1915d ago

If that is the standard for every games then the sequel for most game would be disappointments

mandingo1915d ago

Honestly this game could be amazing but no matter what it cant beat halo 2/3 the nostaglia alone for those games is too much to overcome.

Sirk7x1914d ago

Gonna be hard for anyone to ever top Halo 3. That game was a damn masterpiece.