MS: No UK 360 price drop for many years in the future

Microsoft won't drop the price of the Xbox 360 in the UK for "many many years in the future".

Speaking to in an interview to be published next week, Microsoft's head of gaming and entertainment in the UK, Stephen McGill, said that the Xbox 360 is at a "great price now" and described it as "great value".

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PirateThom4654d ago

It's already the cheapest in the UK (both arcade and Pro), not really a lot they can do unless they want to start losing money.

jaysquared4653d ago

I expect the price for the 360s to stay like this for about a year and half. Early next year M$ will announce the slim 360s and we'll probably drop the price spring or fall 2010 and expect the Xbox 720 in fall 2011.

pp4654d ago

I agree its super low as it is.

dro4654d ago

is it just me or do u feel ms acted to quick, i mean the 360 cost the same as the wii and its still not getting the type of sales u would expect from a HD console at that price, and its only in its 2 or 3rd year....i wonder what they would do when sony drops its own price to £250?!?!?!?! Me and u know that majority of ps2 owners are waitting for the price to drop, i did not get my ps2 till like 2 or 3 years later when it was £199.

PirateThom4654d ago

I kind of mentioned this in last months NDP as well, even at sub-Wii prices, the 360 does not have the hype behind it because as far as the casual market is concerned, it's not a Wii. It's why it's selling at more or less similar numbers to what it has been.

thor4654d ago

The trouble is, yes it's an HD console - but how much do you have to spend to get a decent HDTV? It's more than ANY console is at the moment. The Wii has wider appeal and the PS3 has (arguably) a stronger brand than the 360. That's why it's not selling like hotcakes, even at its current price.

La Chance4654d ago (Edited 4654d ago )

theyre selling pretty good for the moment all over the world (even in Japan) so the the price is just right.

Now they have to work on their image/identity of the console.I think thats the key if they want to win over EU.The original xbox was pretty nonexistent here in EU.

whoelse4653d ago

If it wont be getting any cheaper, imagine its position with GOD3, GT5, Heavy Rain and Killzone 2 etc plus possibly an even cheaper PS3 and higher demand for Blu-ray. It will get crushed.

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dro4654d ago (Edited 4654d ago )

wow that is the smartest thing u have ever written PP... :O

im suprised, i would have given u a bubble but i know who u really are!!!!!.... XD

Omega44654d ago

If demand ever drops they could just do a sony and bundle the console with a load of games, since that always makes the consumer feel like they're getting a better deal

PirateThom4654d ago

Err... that's exactly what they've done. There's 11 360 bundles in Europe in the next two months.That's more bundles in two months than the PS3 has ever had.

The gaming GOD4654d ago (Edited 4654d ago )

They already have ten different bundles planned for the 360 in Europe (including the UK).

Not to mention the ones that already came like that bundle with Forza 2 and Marvel ultimate alliance and the bundle with viva pinata. Then there was that one when the bundled Ace Combat 6 and Katamari together. I can't remember the others offhand

MS has been bundling for a long time now

Edit @ pirate- 11? I thought it was 10. Oh well

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The story is too old to be commented.