GameStop Lists Wolfenstein: Youngblood And Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2 For Switch

Nintendo Life writes: "Last June, there was a rumour Wolfenstein: Youngblood would be making its way across to the Nintendo Switch. The idea of this happening came about when a GameStop employee revealed the game was listed for Switch and this followed with it appearing on the company's website."

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eagle21851d ago

Yes! Youngblood was one of the best announcements at last E3!

IamTylerDurden1851d ago

It's good to have the game, but a shame that it'll be the gimped version.

Neonridr850d ago

meh, Wolfenstein 2 looks great even in handheld mode. Honestly, it's hard to sit there and nitpick when you are playing the game on something the size of a note 5.

mandingo849d ago

looked like crap. dont kid yourself

Literal_Cringe851d ago

Been waiting for DQ Heroes 1 and 2 for nearly 2 years now nice to see it finally come (if this is true).

ZeekQuattro851d ago

In Japan DQ Heroes 1 & 2 was on a 32 gig cartridge. Everywhere else will probably get one physical and the other be a promo code. Figured Youngblood would get ported. It would be odd if it weren't considering they were pleased with how 2 performed on the Switch.

Gemmol849d ago

Either that or the rumors of 32 gig card last year are coming