How Nintendo Switch Online Can Compete With PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold

While Nintendo Switch Online has some neat features, the service built in right now is pretty underwhelming despite its low entry price.

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Zeref883d ago

Replace it with Xbox live.

Thundercat77883d ago (Edited 883d ago )

Why would Nintendo allow that Trojan horse on their network?

Zeref882d ago (Edited 882d ago )

Since Xbox app is coming, they might as well. You know it's gonna be better than anything Nintendo can offer anyway.

Besides, they don't need to actually call it Xbox live. They can just license the tech from Microsoft.

Thundercat77882d ago


"You know it's gonna be better than anything Nintendo can offer anyway."

Nintendo is doing better than Xbox right now even with their underpowered hardware and with their network services. They don't need Xbox but on the other hand, Xbox needs Nintendo, Android and iPhone to survive.

PhoenixUp883d ago

Trash online service gets defended because it’s cheap

People should always demand better from Nintendo’s online efforts

RoyalSentinel883d ago

I can't imagine having so much brand loyalty that I defend every single decision a company makes when someone criticizes them. I mean how can anyone defend having to pay online and lack of voice chat or text message, if Sony or Microsoft released a console without voice chat or any other basics they won't get free pass like Nintendo and everyone will criticizes them.

Neonridr883d ago

everyone should always demand better, regardless if it's Nintendo, Sony or MS. We deserve better. Whether it's cross-play on the PS4, Better 1st party titles on the Xbox or a more competent online service with Nintendo, nobody is immune from criticism. Companies can always do better, no product is perfect.

The only thing I do question is when is it enough for Nintendo? Are we expecting full parity here at 1/2 the price? Because that's a little hypocritical. Voice chat, party systems, dedicated servers, direct messaging, all things that need to be addressed, 100%.

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Segata883d ago

More features and more games that take advantage of online play. The other thing is NES games as an incentive doesn't really cut it. At the very least add N64 & Gamecube.

battlegrog883d ago

I would buy switch in a second if it ran xcloud and xbox live along side with Nintendo stuff.