Apex Legends Player Spent $700 To Unlock A Rare Item, Says 'It Wasn't Worth It'

If you’re lucky, opening a loot box in Apex Legends might get you a set of “heirloom” items. These are ultra rare cosmetic items with a less than one per cent chance of dropping, though you’re guaranteed to get one after 500 boxes. One player ended up paying $US500 ($704) to go through 500 boxes in the hopes of getting the illusive items. Now that he has them, he doesn’t feel as though it was worth it.

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ClayRules20121672d ago

Indeed. The things some people do nowadays just shocks me. And when I don’t think it can get anymore ridiculous, it always does.

S2Killinit1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

While he is an idiot, we should be focusing on why this developer is allowed to make a game like this. This should be illegal. There are people out there who cant control their behavior.

Nitrowolf21672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )


I wont argue with you there. I hate microtransaction as much as anyone does since it encourages gambling behavior but at the end of the day the person responsible is the user.

I do think developers can offer a fullout buyout option for gear people want, but that would defeat the whole gacha mechanism.

I'll say, the games free to play and you can earn items just based on the chance of luck with money being the clear option.

And i'll add to my whole hate on microtransaction. The games great and its free, people don't bat an eye when it comes to other F2P games like Warframe and such because again, its free and as a package they aren't bad. Of course they'll need some sort of source of revenue, and as long as its not Pay-to-win most don't have an issue with MT on f2p games because its understandable that they need to make money somehow.

Its when it comes to paying full price for a $60 game only for them to be incomplete or extremely difficult to earn items that people get upset when they are brimmed to the t with MT. I shouldn't have to spend $60 and worry about playing the game 10 plus hours to unlock a single item.

Lootboxes are such a touchy subject. Are they illegal? Obviously not, they don't payout cash values and have no real world value since you can't sell them (selling game accounts is against TOS).
Do they encourage gambling behavior? yes they do but so do a lot of things in this world that aren't illegal.
Should something be done? Yes, as I said the easiest solution is to offer buyout options

One thing is for sure, this guy is a moron

anonymousfan1672d ago

S2Killinit Lmao yeah well in a perfect world stupidity would be illegal

Zenbaby3691672d ago

This is chump change compared to what people spend on a lot of mobile games. It's gross.

PowerOfTheCloud1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

"There are people out there who cant control their behavior."
Yeah there are people like this, but in my honest opinion i rather those people should work on or be treated on controlling their behavior.

Ofcourse I wish for the sane people to not support these business pratices and not buy worthless digital cosmetic crap for hundreds or thousands of dollars. That way these things wouldn't be around like they are these days.
But what do i know. I can't even come around the fact that we live in a time where for example people give streamers money for reacting to youtube videos, playing games or even they just watch them eat and talk about crap.

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remixx1161672d ago

And shit like this is why gaas is so profitable. Why take the time and effort to create a full fledged game full of content, a great story, amazing characters, good gameplay etc etc when you can just shit out a basic foundation of a game patch in content later and pack it full of MTs and loot boxes and idiots like this guy will start foaming at the mouth and throw bucket loads of dough at it.

This guy paid enough money to buy almost 12 copies of god of war at launch, or botw or bloodborne or smash. This is why devs aren't trying to make high quality games as much because it takes too much effort, man power and funds to be bothered with especially when these gaas games require less effort and are more profitable due "monetizing player engagement"

Ugh at least this game is ftp unlike sea of thieves, overwatch or siege that ask for 60 beans to then play their slot machines/pay for mts and be told hey we'll patch in more content at a later date, it'll be a full game in a few months.

antz11041671d ago

$700 toward TF3 development, WOOHOO!

rainslacker1672d ago

So, I've been thinking lately if these kinds of reports are really newsworthy. I see no real value in the opinion of what someone who spent money on MT thinks about what they got from it....particularly an individual. I can read that on general forums if I cared. If the going on's of journalists doing crappy things during GamerGate isn't newsworthy, I don't see how a random person's spending habits on a game is relevant, nor their opinion of it, because realistically, $700 for a digital in game item which holds no value whatsoever beyond personal satisfaction, makes a person seem like they have no impulse or self control. If they could resell that MT for the same or more, then that might be something, but regardless, that's going beyond the scope of this article.

These kinds or articles are really just a staging ground for people to gripe about micro-transactions, which is fine, because I hate them, but given the way some publishers in the industry are going nowadays, I think we get plenty of opportunities to do that regardless.

trooper_1671d ago

I had to do a double take to make sure I wasn’t seeing $70.00.

Like...why? That’s a lot of freaking money for meaningless crap.

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XiNatsuDragnel1672d ago

This is why you need control my dude